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  1. Hi...sorry for the delay…thanks for replying …yes both Midi ins and outs are enabled. Could it be a driver issue as they are both identical? I’ve tried contacting M Audio but got no reply. Both keyboards are showing up in midi devices and both work fine separately, but when both boxes are checked it states “device already in use”
  2. Hi , Hope I'm in the right place. First time submission.... I have 2 identical USB Mini Keyboards, (M-Audio Keystation 32s). Could someone explain how to connect them so they’ll both work together (I was hoping to piggyback one above the other, each hand playing a different board) as although each one works fine when connected separately, when both are connected I can only get one of them to work. They both appear to be installed as both show up in Midi devices…is it something to do with the way they are internally routed? I am not very technically minded so would appreciate any advice or help….Thanks
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