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  1. If you want it to be visible in instrument list, you can right click a plugin in browser and assign categories to it.
  2. Ofc. To be honest, i didn't even pay attention which version i was using until i started having issues.
  3. Not that i said that's the case.
  4. Hi Dave I haven't had any issues with scaler. Scaler 2 how ever has two issues. One is that dragging midi into cakewalk creates two identical midi clips. Second is that projects that uses scaler 2 won't open. Do you have same issues or do you have different issues? Update: Seems like loading issue is only with VST3 version of scaler2.
  5. Vote for me was a bit difficult depending what angle to look at it from. I end up voting for plugins and instruments. I feel focus should be in fixing bugs and adding virtual instruments. Currently effects are fine but i'd love to get some of the missing ones back so i can remove sonar installation. I would imagine current set of virtual instruments is a bit of turn off for new users, especially for ones that are not that experienced in the first place.
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