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  1. at this point I'm being sold! 😂
  2. is there any ETA for the next drop, yet?
  3. right, even better are the additional perks, like virtual cash and tokens on PB where I'm spending some big and low money for years now, that can really make the difference on your final price with time and money spent there also rating the stuff in your account gives measurable benefit
  4. This forum is officially GOLD!
  5. I thought WUP was free at certain age? ...or maybe it was colonoscopy
  6. and once every 5 years on the day of colonoscopy just not too deep into the subject, please oh boy, now this one...
  7. No, the survey voucher minimum in cart was always $39. $32 is the min for monthly vouchers ($25).
  8. For unknown reason I didn't see this response before and didn't get any notification for it, strange. Thanks Noel, will do when I update to the latest Cakewalk (don't know yet when).
  9. chris.r

    AAS Chromaphone 3 : ???

    In my opinion they should allow us at least control the internal fx dry/wet balance and sync on/off for any timebased fx, including the arp, in Player. I for example, stopped buying more soundbanks because of lack of these Wanted Chromaphone for full control so I did buy v2 and that's it for now.
  10. Not trying to convince anybody it fits the power user bookshelf but I'm yet to find a comprehensive guide on how to plug a USB mic into the phone, create a simple project in the bandlab app, with some backing tracks made of their free loops (preferably a very simple reference track mainly for tempo and the feel), and then record a vocal take over it. Then porting all into Cakewalk... could be fun. I have few friends who bought a USB mic but they live far enough so I have no chance to show them how to make the use of it, and some of them are really tech resistant what makes it even more difficult. In the meantime bakers introduced importing/exporting from Cakewalk to bandlab. That opens new ways for collaboration!
  11. chris.r

    AAS Chromaphone 3 : ???

    ugh... that's close enough, I'll trial it when the right time comes for upgrading. thanks
  12. chris.r

    AAS Chromaphone 3 : ???

    What is your single core CPU clock, Zo? It might be useful information for future reference. Mine is 8x @4.0 GHz (6th gen). The classy upgraded sound is very tempting. I agree with the voices that it kills production workflow. I have similar issue with a few other CPU hogs, like Amplitube for instance.
  13. chris.r

    AAS Chromaphone 3 : ???

    This reminds me why I'm still holding off with upgrading to Chromaphone 3. I really like the upgraded sound, it seems to me that there's huge quality jump in them from v2 but all the different issues like memory leak or CPU hit made me stop for now. Testing the trial first is a good advice though.
  14. We I wish you a Merry Christmas... and Happy New Deals!
  15. Yey!! Was waiting for it thinking about a saxephone. If only they could port the OSR into Sine...🙏 Any ETA for redeeming?
  16. I'll have 13 pfundheys, please!
  17. If I may suggest, checking also with some of these plugins: UVI Workstation (library I used: Acousticsamples Strategy) IKM Amplitube 4 (with Fender I/II collections) Waves V12 plugin (in my case Echosphere) Using combination of these in a track template here is locking Cakewalk in the processes when closing, occupying about 500-700MB in the memory.
  18. but still they're waiting for the license, right? wait, it's already there! oh right, wasn't lasting long...
  19. That's only 7 channel strips. Not enough for a multitrack session. Just sayin'
  20. Off to buy something...
  21. wait a minute! it's not showing up in my account either... I like how it makes me a cool kid
  22. I did. On every occasion. Probably once too many times, maybe he just had enough of me
  23. I sent but did not receive reply. I might try second time, maybe it was a bad timing for him. He always seemed to be a cool guy otherwise.
  24. I have same issue with some small devs, like Boz or Denise (or was it Baby Audio?). I can't make some of my purchased plugins into my account where I could check for latest version or licenses.
  25. Very cool. Thanks for posting. I was looking at the website and many videos about BIAB but couldn't find anything confirming these tools. Glad they are there especially Fake Book style charts are what I'm after.
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