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  1. Hi,

    This morning everything was working smoothly and after updating to the new version of cakewalk by bandlad my projects play al a slow speed with loads of noise and clackling. Have tried reset the settings but nothing fixes this.

    Have a session now and can't do anything

    Please advise.



  2. 26 minutes ago, scook said:

    The image is too small to see details clearly. There is a view floating between the Track and Console views. Assuming this is the  Video View, it may be docked by clicking the Windows Menu in the upper left on the view and selecting "Dock in Multidock" like this image shows.


    I use imgur.com to host images and link them to my posts instead of uploading images to the forum. Image are resized when uploaded but show full size when added as links to an image hosting service.

    scook, that did the trick. thank you (apparently flowting was disabled)

  3. 13 minutes ago, Chuck E Baby said:

    There should be a tab at the lower left hand corner. they are your multidock tabs. Right click on the Video tab and select "Undock".

    Drag it to your other monitor and call it a day.

    Chuck , thanks. But that is my problem. There is not tab on my video window. My console window has it.

    Please advise.



  4. Hi,

    I have done something weird and somehow cannot undone it.

    I've always been able to drag my video window to the second monitor or to anywere within my monitors.

    Now, I only have in the main monitor which is very anoying.

    How can I get back to normal settings? Basically I want to be able to drag the video window to my secondary monitor.



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