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  1. For many years I have been writing and producing my own original progressive rock tunes. As it's prog, they can be anywhere from 2-3 minutes to almost 45 minutes (currently working on "The Story Trunk" at 44:30.) I have marketed this work in various places like https://verticalalignment.bandcamp.com/ , CDBaby, Amazon and more. Cakewalk Pro Audio, SONAR & CbB have been my sole music production tool. I think it's the most versatile there is!
  2. New forum is beautiful! It seems built on the ideas of the old one with expansions like ez image posting (yay!)
  3. Works fine here... try typing in the URL...
  4. Ha! Guess what, John? I got an e-mail notice of your post! That has been broken forever on the old forum... 😎
  5. Hello Meng & fellow Cake users! We got a new forum for Christmas, y'all! Merry Christmas and Season's Greetings... I look forward to all the wisdom that will be shared here. Peace!
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