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  1. aloha, i installed the 1.2 version and things worked.....have not used long but seems most functions are working! http://www.cakewalk.com/Support/Knowledge-Base/2007013201/V-Studio-700-Control-Surface-Plug-in-version-1-2-update#
  2. aloha, thanks for replies. still working on getting the right driver... it did not give me the option to chose 700c as controller but was a midi device..... my dip switch is ok..the 700c was working but motherboard recently died so reinstall being tough..ill keep trying and also having help from cakewalk support
  3. Anyone out there have success using the 700c?? just the console. i installed the 2.0 driver...? i used to have it working...im on win 7. i also am a SPLAT long time user please help:) mahalo!! sasha
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