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  1. Mke, the BandLab representative at Winter NAMM 2019, stated emphatically during more than one interview that the Core product Cakewalk by BandLab will ALWAYS be free. Plans can change, but that is the corporate line as of now.
  2. My response was always "Yes. That's the first thing I did. Then I did it twice more to be sure. Then I unplugged all the cables and plugged them back in again. Five times. Then I did a Google Search for it. And read through fifty supposed solutions. Now I'm calling you.
  3. That one is kind of critical. Yeah. Use Chrome for sure.
  4. What I've read is that using Chrome instead of other browsers for the BandLab Cloud DAW is that they are using features of Chrome to do things that the other browsers do not have.
  5. It's the primary reason I stopped using my gaming computer as my DAW workstation ages ago. Turning on the entire DAW experience to hear in game sound was a bit overkill and clunky, actually.
  6. Would a tempo map like this do what you want (use Alt-Shift-5):
  7. Would this be similar to what you're looking for: http://forum.cakewalk.com/tm.aspx?m=1965558
  8. Big screens and dual screens are fine and dandy. But when they get so big that I forget why I was looking at that side of the screen (or other monitor), they've gone too far. What were we talking about... ?
  9. John Sandlin

    Old Cakewalk Versions

    Some older versions of SONAR did have an initial authorization setup. But if you kept the email you got with the code and the serial number, you'll be good. Those with hard copy Floppy or CD-ROM will probably have that pair of numbers in the packaging. If you have a version that needs the authorization number and wrote down that number (if it didn't come with one), you can install it. If you don't have the original serial number or authorization number for those that need one, you will have troubles. Look in the www.cakewalk.com pages for your account information. Some of the newer packages kept that information for you. I made it a habit to keep all my registration emails for various software packages "just in case" I needed them again.
  10. Yeah, and that would be the older SONAR (at least the X3 and Platinum) experience too. Here is X3 after closing the start screen:
  11. I do miss having PCI slots. My gaming pc has a nice gaming PCIe audio card - but that isn't the same as a proper audio interface for music work. My DAW workstation doesn't even have PCIe slots (it is an Intel NUC). So a good USB Audio Interface is where I'm at now. The good news is this looks like a nearly future proof setup. The bad news is the bucket of PCI and soon PCIe cards that I have that have nowhere to live!
  12. Right, but a fresh out of the box install will show the template picker - so until you go in and actually disable the start screen, that will be how it opens. Of course you can manually close that, but it should be relatively obvious you can do the NEW or OPEN a project bit.
  13. OK, maybe I took the newbie comment too literally... Another thought that occurs is maybe your initial VST scan is hanging. What you should see is something like this one: You should see a "picker" to choose what kind of project you want to open. When you choose one of those, you'll get a more traditional looking SONAR-like window.
  14. You might be looking at the First Page of the BandLab Assistant - it will have the word Library underlined probably. It looks like this: You'll see a tab on the right that says Apps. You want that: Notice the big green button with the word Install. You want to click that.
  15. So Alt-Shift-5 pulls up the Tempo curve. You could redraw (very carefully) the curve on the intro to give it a rubato mapping.
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