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  1. I actually have Cakewalk 9 installed on my Win 10 laptop. Installed it using compatibility mode and it worked!
  2. Hi, I would suggest trying the "Stop at Project end" option as well, although that had no effect on the project I was having the same type of problem with referenced in this discussion just a few weeks ago: You can read all the posts there. It only happens on one particular project for me and I've yet to resolve the issue.
  3. After exhausting all the suggestions posted here, (most of which I had already tried) with no apparent change, I decided to rescan all my vst folders and also installed a new ssd drive to replace the mechanical boot drive in my laptop. I don't want to jinx myself, but so far I have not been having dropouts over the last couple of sessions. That being said, I have had other issues relating to the audio snap feature (I have never had any real success with that feature) and some weird midi behavior where overdubbing new parts to an existing track results in the new midi being way out of sync with the original. I haven't had the time to really dig into it, but I may be making a separate post regarding that.
  4. Yes, that is selected. I have tried having only Cakewalk open with the same results. Thanks
  5. Yeah, that may be it as well. Unfortunately, until this Covid thing lightens up and I can get back out to earning a living playing music as I have for the past 50 years, I'm stuck with this... Thanks for your help.
  6. Thanks Noel. I am running the latest CbBL. I will dig in to the prevalence of 32 bit plugins and try to root out that option. In the meantime, if I can capture a dump file I will forward it to you.
  7. Thanks. Yes I updated to latest bios yesterday with no appreciable difference in behavior. All other drivers and windows updates are in order.
  8. I have run the Latency Monitor and it reports that my system "appears suitable to handling real time audio and other tasks without dropouts". I am not sure what all of the data it reports means, but nothing jumps out at me as peculiar. And yes all the drivers are up to date.
  9. As far as I can tell this does not exist on this computer. It does not appear in the list of running services, nor is there any Dell support app listed in install/uninstall programs. The only Dell programs listed are Dell Touchpad and Dell ControlVault Host Components.
  10. I do have more than a few 32bit plugins... My drivers and bios are all up to date, including the audio and midi interface. Thanks
  11. Yeah, that's just it, when opening the Task Manager, the Cakewalk related services remain and refuse to be ended when selected. I will try removing the older versions to see if that helps. Thanks
  12. Okay, first the disclaimer.. I am aware of some of the recent threads here that have been critical of the performance of the Cakewalk DAW. I have no interest in bitching and piling on. I just want to get some work done. I have been an exclusive Cakewalk user since 1986 and couldn't have been more thankful and excited when Bandlab took over and saved me from having to change DAWs. I have dabbled with others, but it's hard to teach an old dog new tricks and I can get around pretty well in this software, so my desire is to continue here. That being said, I have been experiencing various anomalies and crashes over the last few months that have me concerned. First the crashes. This has been going on for quite some time and most recently cost me about 6 hours of newly recorded tracks on a project I was working on. To be clear, it is not project specific and has happened while performing various tasks, not one particular action. The GUI goes cloudy, the hour glass spins and reports Cakewalk is "not responding". When I try to close out the program either by closing the window or opening task manager, it asks me if I want to end the process and I make that selection. Usually the program will shut down. However, if try to relaunch, it is unresponsive. If I choose to open the task manager the Cakewalk process remains active, and selecting end process does not work. My work around has been to open an earlier version of Cakewalk, X2, let it boot and then close it out. Usually this will allow me to open CbBL again. Of course my work has been lost, but I am usually pretty meticulous about saving my work frequently, so it's usually not a major inconvenience. (I stopped using autosave because I thought that was contributing to the problem, since it seemed like it would crash if I was making changes at the same time autosave kicked in.) At any rate, this has become a PITA. My setup is not the most up to date or elaborate, but I'm running an older I7 on a Dell Precision laptop with 16 GB of RAM, a MOTU MK2 interface, a Midisport 8/8 midi interface, with my projects and audio files on separate drives. This configuration worked fine with Sonar and SPLAT. None of my projects are all that complex, 16 to 32 tracks with 4 or 5 Vsti 's and some fx and Pro Channel usage. Any ideas as to what's happening here? Also, I keep getting audio engine dropout messages (usually error 1), but they happen when the program is idle or if I change from an open web page let's say back to Cakewalk. I have tried closing out just about every background app with no effect. Changing the buffer size also seems to have no effect on getting the error message. I actually tried increasing the buffer size earlier this evening while working on a project and the only effect was to change the key of a True Pianos vsti I had open in the project. Imagine my surprise when I tried to playback the file and it sounded like this dissonant mess. By the time I isolated the problem, (one of 22 tracks), I was at a loss as to what to do to get it back to normal. G minor was no longer G minor. In the end I had to delete and re-insert the vsti and all was well. Bizarre! Again, changing the buffer size either up or down does not seem to impact the error messages, or for that matter the performance of the DAW in recording or playback. Any suggestions? There are some other things as well, like a project not stopping at its endpoint, and also when selecting to insert a vst into the fx bin of a channel, certain vst's that appear in the recently used portion of the menu do not open, requiring the multiple mouse clicks of finding the particular fx. But I can live with these. Any help or direction to resolve these issues would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  13. Ok, just to be clear, the endpoint that the transport or ctrl+end gives, is the actual end of the song. That's where the now time ends up when the ctrl+end is selected. I have checked and there are no automation lanes, no midi events or data that shows in any view beyond that point. I have edited normally or ripple edited, deleting all and the hole from that point to 10's of thousands of bars beyond that point with no difference. My guess is that somehow the template of this song has been corrupted in some way.
  14. Is there a way to either create a new template or for that matter, select a basic template, and import all the channel settings, plugins and vsti settings, etc...? As I mentioned earlier, I did open a basic new template and copy and pasted all the tracks into the new project and the project did end as normal. However all the channel settings, vst assignments, synth view and so on, were lost. The time it would take to go in and reassign every channel is not worth it. I'll just hit the spacebar to stop...
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