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  1. Interesting! Can I ask why you choose to use CbB to playback your backing tracks and not Gig Performer?
  2. Very nice and well thought out. I also have been using backing tracks and live midi, etc.. for years and like John Vere mentioned, the Play List's quirkiness and lack of flexibility to load different songs easily have made me shy away from using CbB live. For about the last 20 years I have been mixing down my multitrack studio audio to a stereo mix in whatever version of Cakewalk (Sonar) I had at the time, and then inserting that file in a new song on my gig computer running Cakewalk 9. I make whatever level adjustments necessary at rehearsal, add whatever midi patch changes and controller info to the appropriate midi ports on my midi interface to run external hardware and then open up those files in Virtual Jukebox, and old add-on utility in Cakewalk, and set up a playlist. It's pretty utilitarian, but efficient and uses up very little screen real estate. You can pretty easily jump around the set list if need be. Amazingly, I get it to run nicely on a 64bit Win10 laptop. However, it is very limited in that, everything needs to be pre-adjusted, and of course using any vst fx or instruments live is a no go. I have been toying with switching over to something like Cantabile or Gig Performer so I can trim down on outboard gear and enter the 21st century. Studio One 5 has the ability now to transfer tracks to a "Stage" page and incorporate live inputs (voices, guitars, etc..) along with Vsti to a set list type page. Nice idea, works pretty well except that midi routing and implementation is so limited that it makes things like sending patch changes during a song, or lighting controller info next to impossible from what I can see. I wish that Cakewalk would take a step in that direction, not only because I have been a loyal user since the 80's, but because their audio and midi routing and implementation is the best. At least take a good hard look at the Play List and make it more functional with performing live in mind.
  3. I'm interested in the specifics of your application of Cakewalk by Bandlab for live gigs. Are you using the Playlist and if so, how well does that function? Are you using audio backing tracks (a mix) or the entire project file? Is there a lag time in loading each song? Are you using vst plugins to process live audio (voices, guitars, etc..)? Where does the footswitch come in? Is it a midi controller? I have tried the PlayList in the past without a whole lot of success. It was rather cumbersome when it worked and quirky regarding opening and closing files and eating up screen space. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Bill
  4. I actually have Cakewalk 9 installed on my Win 10 laptop. Installed it using compatibility mode and it worked!
  5. Hi, I would suggest trying the "Stop at Project end" option as well, although that had no effect on the project I was having the same type of problem with referenced in this discussion just a few weeks ago: You can read all the posts there. It only happens on one particular project for me and I've yet to resolve the issue.
  6. After exhausting all the suggestions posted here, (most of which I had already tried) with no apparent change, I decided to rescan all my vst folders and also installed a new ssd drive to replace the mechanical boot drive in my laptop. I don't want to jinx myself, but so far I have not been having dropouts over the last couple of sessions. That being said, I have had other issues relating to the audio snap feature (I have never had any real success with that feature) and some weird midi behavior where overdubbing new parts to an existing track results in the new midi being way out of sync with the original. I haven't had the time to really dig into it, but I may be making a separate post regarding that.
  7. Yes, that is selected. I have tried having only Cakewalk open with the same results. Thanks
  8. Yeah, that may be it as well. Unfortunately, until this Covid thing lightens up and I can get back out to earning a living playing music as I have for the past 50 years, I'm stuck with this... Thanks for your help.
  9. Thanks Noel. I am running the latest CbBL. I will dig in to the prevalence of 32 bit plugins and try to root out that option. In the meantime, if I can capture a dump file I will forward it to you.
  10. Thanks. Yes I updated to latest bios yesterday with no appreciable difference in behavior. All other drivers and windows updates are in order.
  11. I have run the Latency Monitor and it reports that my system "appears suitable to handling real time audio and other tasks without dropouts". I am not sure what all of the data it reports means, but nothing jumps out at me as peculiar. And yes all the drivers are up to date.
  12. As far as I can tell this does not exist on this computer. It does not appear in the list of running services, nor is there any Dell support app listed in install/uninstall programs. The only Dell programs listed are Dell Touchpad and Dell ControlVault Host Components.
  13. I do have more than a few 32bit plugins... My drivers and bios are all up to date, including the audio and midi interface. Thanks
  14. Yeah, that's just it, when opening the Task Manager, the Cakewalk related services remain and refuse to be ended when selected. I will try removing the older versions to see if that helps. Thanks
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