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  1. What is the sample rate in the project, and with the samples? (had been asked above) Bob Bone
  2. Well, since I knew I hadn't really changed anything, I saved the project that had shown up as modified upon project open, and then closed Cakewalk and relaunched it for the same project - sure enough, it again shows up as instantly modified - no plugin UI's were left open, and this is new behavior. Bob Bone
  3. I just started noticing this yesterday, on a current project. No history to undo - it shows modified as soon as it finishes opening the project. Quite odd. Disclaimer - this next part is a little stretched, but they DO do this: I always keep an eye out for any changes, because the cats seem to time their typing lessons to occur during my project time (they randomly either jump up from the floor onto the computer keyboard or jump up on the desktop, which sits to the side, and then walk across my midi controller to spell out something interesting by walking on the computer keyboard keys). The scariest part is that they are CONSTANTLY sneaking in all manner of keyboard shortcuts, to where I have to guess at what they changed. I did finally grasp what they have been trying to spell - something like "Will wurke phor fud"...hee hee Bob Bone
  4. Ruh Roh - You remember me? Yikes - if I am in any kind of trouble, then, uh, I don't know me....but I'll ask around.... (Did you buy that? hee hee). I remember you, as well. Sounds like you have a nice happy desktop. I went absolutely gonzo on both a desktop and a laptop - desktop has 128 GB of memory, two 2TB NVME 960 Pro drives and six 2TB SSD's, 1600 watt power supply, Ryzen 1950x Thread Ripper CPU, liquid cooled, 1080 video card with 8 GB memory and also liquid cooled with 6 fans, total of 14 fans in the case. Laptop started life as an Alienware 17 R5, and I upgraded the drives - it now has a 2 TB SSD, and two 2TB NVME drives - it also came with a Thunderbolt 3 port, so I picked up a UAD Arrow Thunderbolt 3 audio interface - I use the laptop for live performance, so no need for a bunch of mic/line inputs - it has 2 and that is fine. I just use that for either simple mobile recording of a single vocalist or one instrument, and for the live performance it is just used to handle my soft synths. The Thunderbolt 3 transfer rate is up to 40Gbits/sec, which is insane. Bwa ha ha..... Anyways - I hope to help Larry with his project, and look forward to hearing from him. Larry? Larry? Buehler? I will keep an eye out for your response, and will try to work with you to get you back up and running your projects without crashing. Bob Bone
  5. Howdy - I do not know if this applies or not, but in the past, some VST3 issues with Waves plugins have occurred with some folks, and their workaround was to temporarily use the VST2 versions of the affected plugins - and then they were able to use the plugins. There is no audio impact I am aware of, from using their VST2 version of a plugin instead of the VST3 version of the same plugin, so why not give that a try, and see if it gets you back to using these plugins? Eventually, in the past, Waves came out with subsequent updates that address the issues that had caused their VST3 plugins to hiccup and die. I believe similar issues with VST3 version of plugins from other vendors have also occurred, as well, but for sure I recall in the past some Waves VST3 issues that were solved by using the VST2 versions until later updates fixed the VST3 issues. (edited to add this): I did a quick Google search of the old forums, to see what showed up on the issues I described above. Try the following Google search terms (without the quotation marks), and take a look through some of the posts that look promising, and I believe you will see similar issues, and hopefully corroboration of my suggested workaround. Here are the terms (don't forget to remove the quotes): "forum.cakewalk.com waves vst3 vst2" I hope that helps. Bob Bone
  6. I will pull my FaderPort 16 back from where I have my live rig set up, as I was doing some mobile recording there, won't be until the weekend, but I will try to use it with Vegas Pro 15 - I believe it works with Vegas Pro, with Mackie Control, not sure about other Vegas versions. Anyways, I will post back by Sunday, on my attempts to use it with Vegas Pro 15. Bob Bone
  7. There are also ZILLIONS of little short videos, available on YouTube, that cover just about every aspect of how to do things in Cakewalk (and many of the Sonar ones still apply, too). This software is quite feature rich, as are all of the DAW product choices - I happen to have been using Sonar since the prehistoric days of DOS and Twelve Tone Systems, and I can do things without much thinking in Cakewalk, and I like it. I also have Studio One, Ableton, Pro Tools, etc., but my most preferred choice is Cakewalk by Bandlab. I am profoundly happy that they have been continuing to maintain and develop this wonderful tool. Bob Bone
  8. I forgot to add that I use multi-rack soft synths, such as Kontakt and Play, in virtually every project I do, and invariably I load multiple instruments into a single instance of each - usually things like Piano, Strings, Bass, and possibly Organ. It has been about two decades since I played around with Simple Instrument Tracks, but to the best of my recollection, there was something problematic or at least annoying, about trying to use them in such a situation. I cannot guarantee that is correct - it has been forever since I have even attempted to use SIT's in a project, but anyways, even for just the reasons I had posted earlier, I stay far away from them. If they work for you and you like them, knock your socks off and go for it - I will just continue to avoid them myself. Bob Bone
  9. Oh yeah, you DEFINITELY would have earned the Brown Winky treatment, sometimes referred to as the Eiffel Tower treatment. That is pretty funny, though. The little kitten makes little lion noises when she watches the Kritters Killing channel. (big cats hunting on the African plains). I am sorry I took this thread WAY off the beaten path, by the way... Bob Bone
  10. Could it be that K3-v has not yet been authorized? So, the theory would be that when it get queried by the Cakewalk Plugin Manager, it doesn't respond properly to the 'are you there and what are your characteristics' query from the Plugin Manger, and instead is try to tell the world that it has not yet finished the authorization process, and that is resulting in the failure in the Plugin Manager? I have distant memories of this sort of thing happening in the past, though I cannot recall which plugin(s) that would have done a similar thing. Bob Bone
  11. I never use Simple Instrument Tracks, because I recall folks having different issues with them, little glitches of one kind or another, over the years, so I basically don't trust them (Disclaimer, this may well be an irrational and baseless reaction, on my part). Another reason I do not use them, is that I almost always create a separate mono audio track for the left and the right output of any soft synth plugin instance, or for any instrument plugin in a multi-rack instance of a synth like Kontakt. The reason I choose to do that, it because I want to leave myself the option to treat one side or the other (left or right), with effects, like inserting a slight delay on one side or the other, or slightly tweaking the reverb on one side or the other. Maybe lots of folks don't do that, it is just something I have always done for my projects. I don't always treat one side differently - I just like to leave myself the option to do so. Bob Bone
  12. AWESOME post. I was going to ask Larry the same questions. He did post that he is running an AMD-based system, running with Windows 7. I have just sent him a private message, with my email and cell info, so that he can send me a compressed project folder so I can load it and work with it on my system (quite stable, and running Windows 10 Pro). If it works properly on my system, then that would be further reinforcement that his issues with crashing are due to some elements of his system, rather than a problem with project corruption. I think that collectively, we can get to the bottom of this for Larry, and I thank you for your investment into helping him. Kewl beans, Bob Bone
  13. Hi, Larry. I am a keyboard player, so when I record, it is ALWAYS with soft synth plugins, as all of my sounds come from those. I edit midi data all the time, and also copy/paste midi data from one place to another in a project, quite frequently. I mention these things because I haven't had a Cakewalk or Sonar Platinum crash for a long long time, so I believe your issues are with some aspect with your project or computer's environment/components. Cakewalk could give two hoots about which external hardware midi devices you are using, so it is unlikely something regarding those external devices would be crashing Cakewalk, unless, by some chance, some firmware is out of date with one or more of those external hardware devices. I am not sure if maybe something is incompatible between Cakewalk and Windows 7 or not, but since it is likely some aspect of something with your system/environment is causing your issues, I would certainly consider that. I am sending you a private message with my email address. You indicate that your failing project(s) is/are mostly some combination of audio tracks and midi tracks (driving external hardware, rather than triggering soft synths), so if you can send one of these projects to me, I should be able to see if I too am having issues trying to do anything with or to the project, and perhaps my exercise of doing that would give some additional findings and help steer you to a resolution. If your project is too large for an email, if you have a Dropbox account you can upload it to there, and maybe put it into a new folder in Dropbox, followed by you sending me an invitation to share, which I can then use to download the project and try it out on my system, which is quite stable. If you are unfamiliar with using Dropbox, my cell number will also be in my private message to you, and you are welcome to call me so that I can walk you through the Dropbox upload and share process. Whatever is going on, with your projects failing - my motto toward that kind of thing is: "It's gotta be SOMETHING". We should be able to get this resolved, as there are only so many things that could be causing your issues. (I say quite hopefully). Bob Bone
  14. It's the motorized faders. Drives them crazy.... I'll say this about the FaderPort 16 - I actually LOVE it, and it is a super solid piece of gear. Bob Bone
  15. I, too, have the FaderPort16, and though I have it working, I find that I cannot use it. Not for any technical reason, but because both cats immediately upon seeing it getting trotted out, want to plant their big furry behinds right on top of it, because it is something newly moved about, and because they know I am trying to accomplish something - and I am apparently unauthorized by them to be at all productive. Sigh.....It LOOKS nice though, maybe if I distract them with some plastic milk rings... Bob Bone
  16. I was looking at picking up a mixer for live performance, and happened to see the Tascam Model 24 mixer, and was wondering if anyone had any knowledge of it being a reasonable choice, to ALSO function as 16-mic preamp audio interface (and recorder) with Cakewalk, because I have a number of songs where I want to capture live drums, with mics for each tom, kick, snare, overheads, and room, having a bunch of mic inputs and the ability to pass each channel to Cakewalk. Anyone have any experience with either using the Tascam Model 24 mixer/interface/recorder, or at least reviewing it? (I don't really care about the recorder, since I would feed everything into Cakewalk on my laptop, for mobile capture of live drums). I DO have a Presonus 1818VSL audio interface, and its 8-channel expansion unit, so I could just use that setup, but I was looking for a mixer anyways, for live performance, and thought perhaps this one might fill that need, AND provide the inputs for capturing live drums, as well, for recording. So, I guess the questions are, essentially: 1) Is the Tascam Model 24 a decent choice as a live sound mixer? 2) Is it a decent audio interface? 3) Would I be better off getting a better/different live sound mixer, and separately just using my Presonus 1818VSL and the expansion unit for capturing the live drums for Cakewalk? Here is a link to the Tascam Model 24, if anyone wants to look it over and provide thoughts on my questions: https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/Model24--tascam-model-24-mixer-interface-recorder THANKS, Bob Bone
  17. I concur with scook on that as a possibility. I happen to have both SynthMaster and SynthMaster One, and both work fine on my system, and are at current software levels. Bob Bone
  18. By the way, support can be reached at: support@cakewalk.com Can you please supply your system specs, OS version, OS maintenance level, audio interface model, firmware level and driver level, etc...? Just in case something is up with any of that. Bob Bone
  19. I have mine set to 500, and it works great. Bob Bone
  20. Is there anything else competing for access to the ASIO drivers of your audio interface? (like is your default Windows audio driver the same ASIO drivers that Cakewalk is expecting to have control over?). Are there any detected errors visible in the Windows Event Viewer, that correspond to around the same time stamp as when Cakewalk has stopped responding? Is your Quad-Capture possibly plugged into a USB 3 port, and freaking out a little? (I have had interfaces act quite flaky if plugged into USB 3, rather than USB 2). Bob Bone
  21. What is your computer's operating environment? CPU? Desktop? Laptop? Windows version? Memory? Maintenance level on Windows? Maintenance levels on drivers? Any 32-bit plugins loaded into any project that fails? What kind of audio interface? Any firmware updates needed for audio interface? Any software maintenance needed for audio interface drivers? Is there any commonality between what plugins are present in multiple projects that fail? Are you overclocking? Lastly - I cannot make out the text in the error messages you provided the screen shots for - even when I zoom. Can you please detail those errors, or in some fashion make it so those messages are readable? Thanks, Bob Bone
  22. I have never left there....And, with my being nearly 7 feet tall (2.05 meters), being in over my head is usually fairly daunting. That is one reason I value these forums (and the older Sonar ones) so much. I have learned COUNTLESS little tricks and fixes over the decades, and that really motivates me to try to help others when they post issues . Bob Bone
  23. Could the picture cache be causing the wave form drawing issues? Back in the days of Sonar, if wave forms were not being drawn or displayed, folks would often find it fixed after deleting the contents of the Picture Cache folder. Sonar, and almost certainly now Cakewalk by Bandlab, simply recreates any drawn wave form data it needs, if the wave forms aren't found in the Picture Cache folder. Here is a link from the old Sonar forums, it is to a post within a larger thread about the Picture Cache, and confirms that any data you clear out will get rebuilt as needed. This used to be something folks would just need to do sometimes - not sure I ever saw reasons as to why there were occasional issues with the Picture Cache data. One other thing I had not known, but it is suggested that the Picture Cache default location be left to be created on the C:// drive. (I have relocated the Cakewalk Content and Cakewalk Projects folders, but have not had any issues with Picture Cache contents, thus far). http://forum.cakewalk.com/FindPost/633036 Bob Bone
  24. Is your Windows up to date with maintenance? Also, when you say you can't update Bandlab, do you mean you cannot update Cakewalk by Bandlab? What version of Cakewalk are you running? What version of Windows are you running? What error do you get when you try to update by clicking on the Update icon? Bob Bone
  25. Hi - I split your post from the original thread, to make it a separate thread, since it would be SUPER confusing to try to solve 2 issues 2 different users are having. So, the starting post for this thread is the one you had posted in the other user's thread, and is above this post. I will also paste in MY content from the other post, that you further responded to - and I will also include THAT content here, so that you can have your own thread to try to work this problem, because it is just easier this way. Here is the content I had posted in that other thread, and your response to that: -----------------------------------------------------------------(My content from the other thread is below) On 4/20/2019 at 2:06 PM, Robert Bone said: Sorry, when I enlarge your screen shot, it gets too blurry for me to read the message box text. Have you tried opening the project in Cakewalk's Safe Mode? (Hold down the shift key while opening the project, and you should be able to skip loading of all plugins, just to see if it opens. If not, then it isn't the plugins. If it DOES open in Safe Mode, close again, without saving (don't want to lose your plugins, closing without saving will keep the project intact by abandoning the elimination of the plugins). SO - you can go through the process of opening the project in Safe Mode, and it should give you the option to say Yes or No on loading all the plugins. You can try letting it add a single plugin, and if successful, then close again, without saving, and repeat the process, this time letting it load 2 plugins, then again do it to let 3 plugins load, etc... Sooner or later, it will fail, IF one or more plugins are having trouble, and whichever plugin that is, you can then do some trouble shooting in a separate project, with that plugin, or do some internet research on any reported issues with that plugin, or ask here in the forums, etc. By the way, does this project have any 3rd-part plugins that are 32-bit? If so, I would suggest those would be a common point of trouble for Cakewalk, (or any 64-bit VST Host or DAW. Some 32-bit plugins just do not play well in a 64-bit project). You can also look at the Windows Event Viewer, to see if there are any detected failures in its logs, at around the same time you see Cakewalk failing. Lastly, can you please type out the text of that error message from your screen shot? Maybe there is helpful info in there that one of us could use to help you figure out what is happening. Bob Bone ------------------------------------------- (End of my post from the other thread - your response to that follows below) 16 hours ago, Erik Di Vico said: Hi Bob , Many thank you for your answer, in that project i have many VSTi plugins, until now with the first 5 i can open the project without crash, i have to re-open the project until i find the bad one ! i'll let you know which is I think to have only 64-bit plugins but i check also that thing In the screenshot i've made you will find the error i attach here : https://1drv.ms/u/s!Ah3m8-J4rpDFgZVnkB1aEVPytlPwwA ------------------------------------------(End of quote of your response to my post) I hope I didn't confuse you - I tried to build a thread for YOUR issues, to separate it from the other user's thread, and I did some cut and paste of the content, in order to do that. SOOOOOOOOOO - please detail your system and its maintenance level: 1) What operating system are you running? Windows 10? Windows 8.1? Windows 7? 2) Is your Windows up to date on maintenance? 3) Do you have an audio interface, and if so, what make and model, and is its firmware and drivers up to date? 4) If you temporarily turn off your antivirus software (and don't go online while it is disabled), does the issue still happen? (turn antivirus back ON after testing this) 3) The exception code shown in your screen shot is C0000005. From the internet: "Exception code c0000005 is the code for an access violation. That means that your program is accessing (either reading or writing) a memory address to which it does not have rights." There can be lots of reasons for this error being encountered, but let's start with the above. Bob Bone
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