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  1. Yes Jonathan, no movement when mouse wheel is used and cursor is over the track strips. Scrolling over the clips pane seems to work all the time. It is totally random and seems to happen no matter which project I have open.
  2. Randy

    Presonus ATOM setup in CBB

    Hey all, I bought an ATOM just so I would be able to use it for drum pads. I didn't expect much in the way of functionality for transport, navigation etc. When I select ATOM in MIDI devices and click OK, I immediately lose the use of my MIDI keyboard and my Alphatrack, both of which function flawlessly otherwise. When I deselect ATOM and restart CBB, keyboard and Alphatrack function return. I can make the ATOM do what I want, but it sure would be nice to have everything working at the same time. Anyone has any experience or suggestions? I looked for other threads on this but couldn't find anything. Cheers
  3. HI Noel, I am in track view. Scrolling hangs intermittently when mouse cursor is placed over the track strips. However, when I place it over the clips pane, it always seems to work, weird.
  4. Hi I updated to 2020.05 yesterday, and since then, track scrolling hangs randomly. In other words, turn scroll wheel and nothing happens. Then it will start to work. Is anyone else experiencing this?
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