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  1. This is non-technical: I am a legacy user so I have a lot of .dlls from Sonar etc that work still. But it would be great if you guys could build up a 'app store' of goodies we could purchase on demand or even possibly rent? There have been times when I could have done with access to say a really good mastering suite for a month to finish some current work and then 'give' it back without having to buy the whole thing? Some Prochannel goodies to buy would also be good 🙂
  2. The basses were the worst for me so I put a tuner across them these days or try and fix them with Melodyne (which is broken at the moment for me). Just bought Bass Fingers from Waves on the offer. Looking forward to trying that out.
  3. dahjah, I just Ctrl+c these days to avoid the message. I must admit though that I try to avoid copying and pasting as much as possible as the clip never goes really where I want it to. I just want to be able to paste a clip into a take lane and, well, just that. i wish there was a peasy way to do it accurately but Sonar has always been quirky with this function. Still love the app after all these years. I have asked the mrs to put my latest CwB version and my Youtube channel on my tombstone so that future generations will be able to look back and smile (or giggle).
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