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    Microsoft Edge

    Thanks for your help on this. On principle I have always de-installed any software I haven't specifically asked for. I object to Microsoft installing Edge, Skype and numerous other bloatware I will never use without asking. If Edge is recommended I will keep it I guess. I would recommend that Bandlab should make this clear in their update notes though.
  2. Moray

    Microsoft Edge

    Thanks for the quick feedback. So can I un-install the edge, webview and Visual C++ (installed at the same time) and continue with Bandlab assistant ? I use Firefox and don't like installing un-necessary software, as my PC is old, full and slow.
  3. Moray

    Microsoft Edge

    Hi I just installed the latest Cakewalk 2021.01. When it was installing itself, half way through it started to install Microsoft Edge and Webview - Is this part of Cakewalk now ? What is it for?
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