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  1. Quite possibly.I might not have notices this before. Obviously this is no big deal, I just thought I'd put it out there.
  2. Sorry I think that probably should have read 2020.09 - Whatever the previous release was - that's what I upgraded from.
  3. Thanks for your reply Noel 2020.10 - I always go to the latest version. It happens even if I have an empty FX chain. Any other thoughts as to why this might be happening if it's not a known bug ? Thanks Don
  4. Since the 2020.11 build including the recent update. When you insert an FX Chain the Pro-Channel, the audio signal light does not come on when audio is passed through the FX chain. No big deal but it worked before the update.
  5. Wow that's quite impressive. You're doing a lot more then I am but it looks like the Novation has a lot more controls then the BCF2000. I'd be very interested to have a look at your preset. I still get a bit confused with all the AZCTRL syntax, especially if I haven't modified anything for a while. With BCF 2000 in MCU (Mackie mode) my preset is setup quite similar to a standard MCU. BCF has 8 motorised faders, 16 switches (2 above each channel), plus another 12 switches for general stuff like transport controls, bank and mode switching etc and 8 rotary pots that also have a switch function. I wont' go through all the modes and controls, but to control PC EQ I switch to EQ mode. On the selected track, Rotary pots 1-4 are frequency controls for LF, LMF,HMF,HF (and Rotary pot switches enable relevant band), faders 1-4 are gain for same. Rotary 5-8 are Q for same. f5 is HP freq, f6 is HP slope, f7 is LP freq and f8 lp slope. The rotary pot switches plus the modifier switch enable/disable all the other stuff that's left over eg. Gloss, LF Type, HP, LP, and select the type of EQ. Plugins are all controlled via AZCTRL ACT. I can control all PC and normal plugins. If I don't like the default control assignments, I use AZSLOW's excellent ACT utility to re-assign controls in the order I want them. I only use the ON screen display as a 3 x8 because that suits the BCF pretty well and doesn't take up too much screen space. Thanks for sharing all this - its very interesting to see someone fully utilizing AZCTRL like this. It would be great if Cakewalk Control Surface presets worked this well but seems unlikely to happen. PS: I used the keybinding, as you suggested, to show/hide PC and it works quite well. thanks Don
  6. I have been using AZCrtrl with the BCF2000 with the MCU preset I modded (with heaps of help from Alexi - azslow) to work with the BCF2000 in MCU Mode, and it works fantastically with latest CWbBL . I can do everything I want except three small things which would be handy. I would like to be able to: 1) Control the Show/Hide ProChannel control (small arrow head at top of each strip) 2) The ProChannel enable switch for each Channel strip. 3) Enable/bypass Effects bin (the feature was just added to the CW MCU plugin). I don't think the CW MCU plugin is really very usable for me compared to using AZCTRL with my MCU/BCF2000 preset. If anyone is using the latest AZCtrl - 0.5r9, do you know if it exposes these controls ? I can't find them but I might not be looking in the right place? thanks Don Also posted to AZCtrl forum but there is not much activity there.
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