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  1. Odd. Out of curiosity, i wen tot the old Cakewalk site and logged into my account. I can see all the stuff i ever downloaded and Session drummer 3 is listed separately including its own serial number. And true enough, on one of my external back up drives I have the install files for SD3 separate from the Sonar install files. So does that mean that years ago I bought SD3 separately? You see I never had Platinum as i couldn't afford it. I had X3 Studio. I know Studio came with SD2 built in so maybe in my case I got SD3 as an add on. Maybe in Yuri's case he had SD3 built in as he was using Platinum.
  2. Joking aside about learning to play better, i think it's a great and legit question. The ability to convert audio to midi can be useful in lots of ways. Fret man's link to that guitar 2 software is amazing. Great share bro. It's just under $100 which is not cheap but I was expecting to see a price tag a lot higher. As I'm not playing live at all I probably dont NEED as much as it would be handy to have. I'll hold off till I have $100 as spare change (yeah right). I'll have a look at Fret's other suggestion of using Melodyne. Is there a basic version included with CbB?
  3. Ok..so we can both feel stupid . I'd no idea about this but what a great tip. Im having a latency issue also so need to try this. Great job Skook.
  4. Thanks Skook. Im on Win7. Tried Win10 before but didn't like it. I'll keep messing with the buffers and sample rate and see if it helps. The problem is, I cant test this synth in X3 as its not supported. Some of Waves plug ins are now only compatible with newer DAWS.
  5. Just a thought...have you tried freezing your midi tracks one at a time to see at least if its a particular track is doing this. i had a similar problem and freezing sorted it. My laptop isnt a great spec so I have to freeze midi tracks if Im adding in a lot of them such as synths etc.
  6. Hey gang. Any ideas please? i was happy sticking with my X3 but some of my new Waves plugs will only work in Bandlab. But heres the thing. Ive no latency problems in X3. But in Bandlab im having a problem with one of the waves synths and heres the thing. In Bandlab, when i go to options, Audio , it shows my M Audio is using ASIO which is fine. But under the MIDI settings its showing MME and theres no way of changing this. I dont have this problem in X3. In X3 under settings I look under audio and its set to ASIO (perfect). But Under MIDI, there is no box there showing the audio devices setting. I dont know how to get Bandlab to use the ASIO setting for both the AUDIO and MIDI setting. Thanks guys.
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