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  1. Although the Sonitus suite as most of us know it is DX, I believe that the version that used to be available for purchase separately was VST.
  2. Kev

    Sonar 6 LE Activation

    The activation code should be listed on your My Products page. https://www.cakewalk.com/My-Account/Products
  3. Me too. I often start out doing one thing but then go off at tangent and end up doing something else. It therefore suits me to have all functions readily available. That's probably why I have never bothered with lenses. However, Noel's explanation has intrigued me, so maybe I will give them a try now.
  4. But you can also import screensets from one project to another if you have two projects open at the same time. I tend to use this method as a way of keeping consistency between projects.
  5. If you decide to replace the original EQ with the new one, be aware that the EQ parameter settings are not automatically transferred over. You will need to set them again from scratch.
  6. I'm wondering whether the ads were an unintended byproduct of a site upgrade. I've just noticed some new enhancements.
  7. These ads are the most intrusive ones that I have ever seen. I'm seeing them on my tablet (Amazon Fire) and my iPhone. On the computer it's just as bad if I use Opera as the browser, but not so bad with Firefox. On Firefox there are just a couple of low-key (targeted) Google ads, one near the top of the page and one near the bottom. I'm not sure, but I think that those might have been there all along and I hadn't noticed them before.
  8. Was there any audio in the project? MIDI-only projects don't take up much space.
  9. Building your own PC doesn't necessarily save you money. It might even cost you more. It's really about building the right PC for a specific and specialist purpose. You end up with one that you would never find in the shops. Most PCs are either for general use or for gaming. @mettelus is correct about research being important. I build a new one every few years and each time that I start thinking about a new build I find that the technology has changed so much since the last time that I need to do a lot of reading before I begin choosing components.
  10. Yes, my memory is a bit vague on this but it looks like you are correct. My "My Products" page shows 3 separate copies of Rapture: Rapture 1.0 from 2007 Rapture 1.22 from 2013 Rapture 1.22 from 2014 This seems to confirm that the bundled copies of Rapture had their own registrations separate from Sonar and that this applied to Sonar X2 and X3 but not to Platinum.
  11. Command Center is not needed for Rapture, just a registration code. Unless you mean Rapture Pro.
  12. I've tried using that feature in this forum before but it didn't work for me. But I've been experimenting just now and discovered that it only works if I do it the way that you described. It doesn't work if you type the name first and insert the @ symbol later, which is what I did.
  13. That shouldn't happen if you have set it up correctly. I suspect that your delay fx plugin is not set to 100% wet.
  14. I recall that I found drum maps a bit awkward to deal with the first time I used them, but I was glad that I persisted. I would hate not to have drum maps now. I use them in almost every project. However I do believe that there is room for improvement in the drum map GUI. I would prefer to do less typing and more mouse clicking. There have been several feature requests on this issue over the years.
  15. I've used both methods and I don't really have a preference. It's not really a big deal. The timing offset never works correctly for me anyway and I always end up adjusting the recorded clip along the timeline. That's not a big deal either.
  16. I'd forgotten about Pyro. I've just tried installing it now. It appeared to install ok but it doesn't seem to be working. After launching it appears listed under Processes (but not under Applications) in Task Manager, but the GUI is absent.
  17. I have a similar problem with the software that accompanies my Audient interface and get confused with it sometimes. Some of the terms used seem arbitrary and inconsistent.
  18. The SM58 has a fairly weak output. Don't be surprised if you need to turn the gain up very high.
  19. I'm curious to know what graphics card(s) are you using?
  20. Digital Performer has some weird terminology that I have difficulty with. The routing matrix for audio & midi ins & outs is called the Bundles Window. The sequencing matrix is called the Chunks Window. Clips/regions are called soundbites. That one actually makes sense.
  21. I don't know for sure, but I suspect it's 2GB.
  22. There was another thread on the same topic a month ago:
  23. During the period when CW was in limbo I got a good deal on Harrison Mixbus32C, which was on offer at the time. I exported the stems from a major project that I had been working on in Sonar and continued it to its completion in Mixbus. I enjoyed the experience and learned a lot in the process. I got stuck a few times but the Harrison forums helped over some hurdles. Meanwhile I had already acquired a copy of Digital Performer (as a crossgrade at half-price) and was gradually reading my way through the well-written manuals. However I never really got to grips with it. It's a wonderfully elegant piece of software and I can't help admiring it, but somehow I can't quite get on the right wavelength to make good use of it. I haven't given up on it though and I intend to return to it again if I ever get some free time. I also bought a copy of Reaper for the purpose of trying out @azslow3's conversion facility. It didn't work well on any of my projects so I didn't pursue it after that. But Sonar Platinum is still my goto DAW. I'll move to CbB when they eventually get round to fixing the PVR settings problem.
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