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  1. With Platinum the plugins are installed independently from the main program. There are several separate plugin suites.
  2. Graphics cards can be a factor too. I have a 24-inch 1920x1200 screen that I have used with 2 different computers and ended up using different display settings for each. With one of them (with an Nvidia gaming card) I found it necessary to set the resolution to 1280x800, as text was often difficult to read at the native resolution. But on the other one (Matrox card) I found the native resolution acceptable.
  3. It could be worse still if you were using Digital Performer. In some sections of its GUI the text and objects are very tiny indeed. Some DP users complain about this a lot.
  4. Right. Sorry, I was thinking of Console View rather than Track View.
  5. Hold down the ALT key while dragging.
  6. If you rely on one single computer for all your computer needs, then yes you can't really manage without an internet connection. But it might be different if you have several computers for different uses. An internet connection is not necessarily available in 100% of situations. 2 examples: I used to take a laptop to work for onsite recording. I was not allowed to connect it to the staff network. It was an old laptop and did not have wifi. But I didn't need an internet connection anyway unless some software suddenly required a reactivation, which would have been very inconvenient. For a while, my current DAW PC was in a bad spot for receiving wifi and I had to run a 20-metre long ethernet cable along a corridor and across the lounge, etc. to a router. This was a trip hazard so I only connected it when absolutely necessary.
  7. A while ago I proposed a customizable timeline ruler, described here: http://forum.cakewalk.com/Offset-Mesure-One-m3097431.aspx#3098058
  8. Me neither. I have several of them in 3 different computers. Also, nearly all of the networked PCs at my work rely on a single generic 128GB SSD. I haven't seen or heard about any failures yet.
  9. Mine only allows one single m.2 drive and it uses the combined bandwidth of one PCIe slot plus a pair of SATA slots and rules out using those particular PCIe & SATA slots. Some motherboards have as many as three m.2 slots, but using them all limits the bandwidth allocated to each.
  10. Multisamples are definitely better on an SSD, and better still an m.2 SSD. Mine are on a 256GB m.2 drive. The size that you need will depend on what samples you have. EDIT Sorry, I hadn't read your post about your samples. 1½TB is a lot. I would probably split them and put the important (or most used) sample sets on the faster drive.
  11. SSDs can have a longer life if you can reduce the overall amount of writing to disk. I would therefore keep project files off the system disk. Project files are ok on a traditional hdd. You won't see any reduction in performance, aside from loading and saving projects being a bit slower. I have one set of projects on a 128GB Samsung SSD and another set on a 128GB partition within a 2TB WD "black" hdd and I never notice any difference between the two.
  12. I've tested it on a PC that dates from 2010 (i7-950; 6GB RAM; WIndows 7) and it seemed to work ok.
  13. I stayed with Sonar 7PE for a few years without any desire to change. The only thing that I hated in my workflow was the constant opening, closing and reconfiguring PRV, CV and other views. I like to hop back and forth between edits of different parts of a project and this was always a bit inconvenient in the old version. I used to wish that there was such a feature as Screensets, allowing me to switch between different view with a single mouse click, which would have solved this problem for me. When I eventually discovered that there was such a feature in Sonar X2, I upgraded immediately.
  14. Me too. And sometimes I want different instruments to fade out at different rates, so I put volume envelopes on several buses.
  15. Try right-clicking on the +- buttons.
  16. In the Edit menu under Select, there is a check-box option to Select Track Envelopes with Clips.
  17. If your DAW computer doubles up as the "family PC", then I would definitely go for dual-boot.
  18. I presume mean track folders. Try right-clicking in the track pane. Then Insert Track Folder from the popup menu.
  19. Me neither, except on one occasion while when doing some video rendering. I have 16GB, which is more than adequate for sound production, but if I was planning to do more video work I would probably upgrade to 32GB. The OP did mention video editing, so that may be relevant here.
  20. 2018.08 was the last version that I tried. If I get time this weekend I will check out the latest version.
  21. I reported it here: http://forum.cakewalk.com/tm.aspx?m=3788091
  22. CbC is unusable for me until the PRV bug gets fixed.
  23. Victoria, Australia Time zone UTC+10 On the old forum there would have been no need to ask this question. It was always displayed under the username.
  24. I have never seen any multisamples belonging to a VSTi that are anything other than 44.1k. This includes DimPro, Rapture, Battery, SampleTank, etc.
  25. Take all the time you need, but 6¼ minutes should be sufficient. It's a cover of Bowie's Space Oddity, but it also includes a load of scripted dialog representing mission control. I posted some details about it in the Songs forum a while back: http://forum.cakewalk.com/m3775408.aspx I was working on it alongside people with physical and mental disabilities. The purpose of the exercise was to involve as many people as possible who happened to be in the building at the time. Not everybody could sing or play an instrument, so spoken dialog seemed like a good way to include everyone. It's on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/slsoundpro/so7
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