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  1. Try: Edit - Preferences - Project - Midi un-tick ‘Zero Controllers when Play Stops’ I had problems with controllers in Kontakt going back to zero every time I stopped playback, that setting cured it.
  2. I have a Quad Capture, I remember when I first got it having problems with it disappearing and / or rebooting. I had to try several USB cables until I found one that it worked on reliably.
  3. SOLVED Apologies, I found it in the Reference Guide with a bit more searching! You need to switch MIDI Driver Mode from MME to UWP. Close all projects then Edit - Preferences - MIDI Playback & Recording, change Driver Mode at the top!
  4. Has anyone successfully setup a WIDI Master in Cakewalk? There's all sorts of info on using MidiBerry and Loop Midi to setup virtual ports but the WIDI Documentation seems to suggest that Cakewalk can do it natively without all that 3rd party software and setup, the following is from the WIDI Manual: "First, the music software must integrate Microsoft's latest UWP API to use the Bluetooth class compliant MIDI driver that comes with Windows 10. Most music software has not yet integrated this API for various reasons. As far as we know, only Cakewalk by Bandlab currently integrates this API, so it can directly connect to WIDI Master or other standard Bluetooth MIDI devices"
  5. OK, I pasted a Drum Sample right into the Original Audio on Beat no.1 and now I can line the Beat Markers up in the correct places, when I've fixed the Project Tempo I'll remove it. I've started using the AudioSnap Dialogue a fair amount recently having never ever gone anywhere near it and I have to say it's a bit quirky! 2 other issues I had were: 1 No Beat Markers appearing at all until I dragged the start of the Audio Clip off the beginning of the Project Timeline. There was only silence there but drag it to the start and Beat Markers do not appear, drag the Audio Clip start to just before the first bit of audio and voila Beat Markers appear? 2 Beat Markers will not move. Select the wrong Tempo in the AudioSnap Window or what it thinks is the wrong tempo and all the Beat Markers are locked into position and won't move. Choose the Project Tempo or something close and voila, now you can move them? All a bit weird?
  6. Nice try but that doesn't seem to be it. The only thing I can think to do is to add a short Transient Audio Clip to the front of the original in place of the missing 1 just so I can get the Tempo Map correct then remove it at the end? It shouldn't be this difficult?
  7. Hi, I am trying to use AudioTransients and Beat Markers to match the Project Tempo to that of an Audio Clip that wasn't recorded with any Click Track as far as I can tell. The issue is that the very first Audio Transient of the Song is actually on the 2 of the Bar and not the 1. So when I look at the Audio Transients it places the 0:1 Beat Marker on this very first Audio Transient, and try as I might I cannot work out how to stop it doing this. I cannot move the 0:1 Beat Marker to the start as there is no Audio Transient there, so I tried inserting an Audio Transient by ALT + Left Clicking but The Beat Marker will not move to that either, it's just locked in place on the very first Audio Transient no matter what I try!
  8. Yep that would probably do it, pity it isn’t a bit more straight forward than that?
  9. Doesn’t matter whether Snap is On or Off, the Snap Setting still sets the waveform frequency which is great but like I said for me that lower limit to the frequency isn’t low enough!
  10. I've just got into using the Draw Tool to create Sine, Triangle, etc LFO Shapes in the Automation Lanes which is great! The Frequency of these LFO's is determined by the Snap Settings but they only go up to one Measure long. I read the Documentation and if I Hold Down CTRL I can double the length of the LFO Shape (half the Frequency). But that means the Maximum Wavelength I can draw is 2 Measures long and I'd like to be able to draw LFO Shapes that are quite a bit longer than that or much lower in Frequency, is that possible?
  11. Just downloaded and tried it and now if I just Solo the Drum Bus and the Bass Bus the Sidechaining using Aux Sends on the Tracks now works without me having to Solo those Tracks as well! Top Job, thanks a lot for this!
  12. Hi, I thought this might resolve the rather strange Side Chaining effect I get but alas no. Typically I setup a Compressor on a Bass Track then feed it's Side Chain Input from a Send on the Kick Drum, pretty typical I think? I f I SOLO the Bass Track and the Kick Drum Track then the Sidechaining works. But if I instead SOLO the Drum Bus and the Bass Bus that those Tracks are routed to then the Side Chaining stops working! Is this a Bug or am I not understanding something?
  13. Ok I’m going to be a slight dissenting voice here. I had a MOTU MIDI Express XT had no end of issues with it constantly disappearing then reappearing in Win10. That’s when I noticed that the Windows drivers hadn’t been updated since 2013, really, nothing has changed or needed to be improved for 8 years? I ditched it and went with the Mio iConnectivity stuff, a much more solid dependable solution, imho
  14. I’d use a Groove Quantize Template at about 50% settings, followed by Humanize at very low settings. And if you want to vary the Tempo, use the Tempo Map. You can extract the Tempo Map from a similar song then apply it to your tune or just draw it in yourself.
  15. Yep I would echo that, same with me, after a bit more testing it definitely only happens when you try to change a parameter, just loading some presets won't cause the hang. I'll try and contact Mr Luders.
  16. No it’s full on ‘This program is unresponsive, do you want to wait or close it’ situation.
  17. I did a Dump Analysis which is attached. I can't interpret it though but seems to point to PG-8X ??? PG-8X Dump Analysis.xlsx
  18. On 2 different machines, Laptop and Desktop PC whenever I try to use PG-8X Soft Synth VST (v2.0.13) Cakewalk ends up hanging and I have to close it with Task Manager. It doesn't happen immediately but usually after a couple of minutes. I have a Crash Dump I took from Task Manager if anyone is interested?
  19. Thanks Mark, I knew you would know the answer. Yep I need to set it to BUS 1, that way it makes sense to me!
  20. So I had this issue where all of a sudden I was only hearing the Right Channel through my Monitors. After about half an hour of banging my head off the desk I finally realised what had happened. At some point I had accidently dragged the Master Fader on my Mackie MCU Pro down to infinity. After digging around in the settings I finally found that the Master Fader was linked to Channel 1 only on my Focusrite Scarlett 18i20, please see the Screenshot Attachment! So it looks like I can only assign it to one Channel at a time? I can't link it to Channels 1+2 for instance to control the Master Stereo Bus, is that right, is there something I am missing?
  21. OK, sod's law, as soon as I post I stumble on the answer! Just Press the 'Track' Button in the Control Group 🙂
  22. OK, so all the documentation mentions: 'Hold Down M1 and Press Plug-In' to access the Synth Rack. That works fine but how on earth do you get out of this Mode? The documentation doesn't mention anything and no combination of button presses I've tried can get me back into the normal Track / Bus Mode ????
  23. https://github.com/msmcleod/Cakewalk-Control-Surface-SDK/raw/7db72b23efc32f6b2094c110032cb8a3717b2e71/Bin/x64/MMcLMackieControlSetup.exe OK, I'll answer my own question, I found it on github after a while! Very good, that's got the Track Selections working correctly, so the next question is about selecting Plugins in the FX Bin. If I Press View - Track / Bus then the 8 Rotary Encoders all control the Pan for the 8 Tracks selected. If I Press View -EQ I can use the Rotary Encoders to fiddle with the Pro Channel EQ. If I Press View - Compressor then I can now work the Pro Channel Compressor, so far so good, this is great! If I Press View - Plugin I get the Pro Channel EQ again, oh dear, what did I do wrong, shouldn't I now be able to select Plugins in the FX Bin ?
  24. Sorry to re-open an old thread but I've recently replaced the duff display in my MCU Pro and after playing with it for a while I notice that pressing the Select Buttons does not highlight the Track in Cakewalk, which is a problem. It seems that msmcleod's enhanced .dll might fix this but unfortunately this link appears broken? http://msmcleod.co.uk/cakewalk/MMcLMackieControlSetup.zip Is there anywhere else to find it?
  25. Personally I start with all Track Faders and all Bus Faders at -6dB and I leave the Master on 0dB. That way when I start adding in more and more tracks I still have some headroom left on the Master Bus. If I don’t start like this then my Master Bus starts hitting the red very early and I have to stop and turn everything down and basically start tracking and mixing again. Im sure everyone has their own method, that’s mine.
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