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  1. OK, sod's law, as soon as I post I stumble on the answer! Just Press the 'Track' Button in the Control Group 🙂
  2. OK, so all the documentation mentions: 'Hold Down M1 and Press Plug-In' to access the Synth Rack. That works fine but how on earth do you get out of this Mode? The documentation doesn't mention anything and no combination of button presses I've tried can get me back into the normal Track / Bus Mode ????
  3. https://github.com/msmcleod/Cakewalk-Control-Surface-SDK/raw/7db72b23efc32f6b2094c110032cb8a3717b2e71/Bin/x64/MMcLMackieControlSetup.exe OK, I'll answer my own question, I found it on github after a while! Very good, that's got the Track Selections working correctly, so the next question is about selecting Plugins in the FX Bin. If I Press View - Track / Bus then the 8 Rotary Encoders all control the Pan for the 8 Tracks selected. If I Press View -EQ I can use the Rotary Encoders to fiddle with the Pro Channel EQ. If I Press View - Compressor then I can now work the Pro Channel Compressor, so far so good, this is great! If I Press View - Plugin I get the Pro Channel EQ again, oh dear, what did I do wrong, shouldn't I now be able to select Plugins in the FX Bin ?
  4. Sorry to re-open an old thread but I've recently replaced the duff display in my MCU Pro and after playing with it for a while I notice that pressing the Select Buttons does not highlight the Track in Cakewalk, which is a problem. It seems that msmcleod's enhanced .dll might fix this but unfortunately this link appears broken? http://msmcleod.co.uk/cakewalk/MMcLMackieControlSetup.zip Is there anywhere else to find it?
  5. Personally I start with all Track Faders and all Bus Faders at -6dB and I leave the Master on 0dB. That way when I start adding in more and more tracks I still have some headroom left on the Master Bus. If I don’t start like this then my Master Bus starts hitting the red very early and I have to stop and turn everything down and basically start tracking and mixing again. Im sure everyone has their own method, that’s mine.
  6. Is that in the Edit - Preferences somewhere or does it need to be added to an .ini file like the ttseq.ini ?
  7. Bump, does anyone know whether Real-time SysEx messages are routable In Cakewalk at all, in and out of VSTs or whatever?
  8. OK so I have a Ctrlr Panel running as a VST inside Cakewalk and I've got issues. I have tried just about every combination of MIDI Routing inside Cakewalk and every option on Ctrlr but I cannot seem to route any SysEx through Cakewalk. The Panel is a Synth Editor that spits out a lot of SysEx in order to edit the Synth's parameters. The only way I can get it to work is to deselect the MIDI Ouput Interface in Edit - Preferences - MIDI Devices and then point Ctrlr's MIDI Output directly at the MIDI Interface, of course now I cannot use that MIDI Interface inside Cakewalk for anything else! After a bit of googling it seems that this is NOT a Cakewalk only 'feature' many other DAWs are not capable of passing SysEx to and from VSTs? Can anyone confirm or deny, and has anyone else any experience of using Ctrlr inside Cakewalk as a VST?
  9. Ah so there's no way of defining the range in the Instrument Definition? I was kinda hoping there was.
  10. Hi, I'm trying to do some NRPN Automation for the first time and some of it is puzzling me. My SUB37 has a lot of NRPNs that do not use the full 16384 range, like for instance OSC 1 Octave which only has a range of 4, which kinda makes sense. The Automation seems to default to the Full 16384 Range for every NRPN which doesn't seem very helpful for a Parameter with a much smaller range, is there some way of altering that, I've played around for a while and searched the Reference Guide but haven't found anything!
  11. Brilliant thanks, the line wasn't there at all so I added: SendLocalOff=0 to the Options Section at the top! Job's a Good Un!
  12. Can anyone help, this one has been driving me nuts for a while. My SUB37 is set to Local Keys, Wheels & Panel ON, in other words all Local controls are ON Everytime I launch Cakewalk the MIDI Received light flashes on the SUB37 and now all Local Controls are OFF Bizarre 😞
  13. OK, I think I have solved it. I've used the iConnectivity Auracle Software to rename every Port I could find to something unique, and those Port Names now seem to show up in Windows so I can identify everything. A couple of reboots and now I can see all the Input and Output Ports in Cakewalk with unique names, I still have the old problem of all the Ports being out of order in Cakewalk and no way to re-order them?
  14. Hi, I've got 2 MIDI Interfaces on my system which are a iConnectivity mio10 and a mioXM. Windows 10 (64bit) is reporting the Ports with the same names, because if I go into MIDI-OX I can see 2 of DIN 1,2,3 & 4 in the Input and Output Windows, which is correct? If I run up Cakewalk though when I go into MIDI Devices I can see there are two of DIN 1,2,3 & 4 but only one copy of DIN 5,6,7,8,9 &10 in the Inputs Window. But there is only one set of DIN Ports in the Outputs Window, DIN 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 & 10. So somewhere 4 Output Ports have gone missing! Can anyone who runs multiple MIDI Interfaces shed some light on this for me?
  15. What USB Port do you plug your Focusrite Audio Interfaces into. I had mine on a USB3 Hub into a USB3 Port but the somehow the Driver got corrupted and I had to Re-Install it, I thought the 18i20 2nd Gen was bricked at first. Now I have it on a USB2 Port directly onto the Motherboard, is that the best thing? And then when I got that working Cakewalk would hang the entire PC when I tried to launch it, I've just tracked that down to my MOTU Express XT which I now also have removed from the USB3 Hub and plugged into a USB2 Port on the Motherboard. Cakewalk is now launching OK! What's puzzling is the 18i20 and the Express XT were both in that USB3 Hub for a while and everything was fine, now I have to put them on their own USB2 Ports, why?
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