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  1. What I'd like to see is some way of 'Nudging' MIDI & Audio whilst the Project is Playing. At the moment in order to make fine adjustment of Track Timing you have to make your Nudge1,2,3 some value, make a guess, apply it, Play it back, decide whether more or less is needed, then repeat the process over and over till your happy. Ideally I'd like to be able to assign a MIDI CC to a large 'Nudging Knob' then map an External Hardware Fader / Knob to it, so I can sit there with my eyes closed, listening, whilst fine tuning the timing of an individual track so it hits just the right 'Sweet Spot' It's a pipe dream, but we all need them.
  2. Thank You everyone, this one has been driving me insane for a while. Windows 10 had decided to Compress everything in the \AppData\Roaming\Cakewalk\ and all sub folders The only clue that this has happened is that your Custom Plugin Layouts disappear!
  3. Noel, I'm trying to but it even crashes when I'm trying to save it in the state where it will crash if you press the Play Button! I may have to send it with instructions on what to do to make it crash?
  4. OK, I fixed it! The fact that it was happening on one Project but not the other when I was using all the same Plugins and essentially the same Working Method as well, got me thinking that there must be something slightly different! I started by deleting a bunch of unused Audio and MIDI Tracks, that didn't help. Then I spotted an old unused 'External Insert' on a completely unrelated Audio Track to the one with the RCompressor or the one with the Send to the Compressor's Side Chain. The 'External Insert' was turned OFF in the FX Rack (as I had stopped using it) but NOT Deleted. I deleted it and BINGO, Cakewalk stopped crashing and Side Chaining started working again!
  5. Hi guys, I have just run into the Side Chaining Crash myself! If I setup a Waves RCompressor or a Sonitus Compressor on one Audio Track then setup a Send on another Audio Track into the Compressor's Side Chain Input, as soon as I press Play, Cakewalk Crashes! I've sent in the MiniDump file for your perusal! What is puzzling is that I have TWO Projects on the go at the same time, both using the same Plugins and essentially the same as one another as I move back and forward between the two. And yet One Project doesn't crash when I Side Chain a Compressor and the other one does ?????
  6. Do we have an updated 'Instrument Definition' repository? I have the standard two .zip files of ones installed with Cakewalk and User Collection but there's an awful lot missing, does anyone have a link for user made ones? I've made a few myself that are missing from the standard .zip files, would be nice to get everything in one place. Thanks, spiffo.
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