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  1. Were those recently released synths always that expensive? I want the Prophecy but for some reason I was thinking $50 black friday price. After playing with the demo for a few days I'm not so sure about $99.
  2. I'm stalking NVME 1tb gen 3 sticks and they have been dropping for sure. I'm buying from a local brick and mortar but the WD blue price has gone from $119 a couple months ago to $79 now. I'll pick up one at this price and see if it drops any more maybe get another one.
  3. Great thread and good info. I have not enjoyed Win10 and I'll probably do an 11 build on a cloned drive soon just to try it out.
  4. Not buying that Dave Smith Poly Evolver Rack unit for $700 locally back in the late 2000s. The last few sold on reverb.com were $2000+
  5. I ran a MOTU 828 firewire for a lot of years and it slowly died and I replaced with an ultralite mk4. I feel both were good choices and good long term value. And when windows 11 finally pushes me over the edge I know I can just plug the mk4 into a mac mini with Logic and keep on going.
  6. I'm disputing the name of this plugin. Super VHS - or SVHS was some superior analog stereo sound when you laid it down inside the video track. Still love the concept and I use one someone built for reaktor. A little wow, a little flutter, a lot of noise, good times.
  7. NI Reaktor is the best soft synth used in conjunction with their free user library. All those types of synthesis + 100 more you never heard of or forgot about or are just being developed now. Synths, drum machines, effects, basics like compressors, modular style with blocks or the older already fully built ensembles. Don't like the panel - change it. Want to chain a few together - build it. Too much going on and you just want certain parts - cut it down. See a shiny new soft synth or effect say to yourself "I can patch something similar in Reaktor and it will be my unique sound".
  8. I run NI Reaktor 5 and 6 together and old cakewalk projects will open with whatever version I used. I think one of the tricks was keeping the same Reaktor 5 file structure. Ultimately I converted my favorite R5 fx and instruments to R6 and use R6 all the time now but I'm still not deleting R5.
  9. Have you got the multiple personal One Drive accounts to run on 1 computer? That's what I've been trying to get working (unsuccessfully so far) and the way I read the MS explanation is you can have multiple business or education One Drive accounts on a computer but only 1 personal account. Sure you can get at the other personal accounts via the web browser but it doesn't have the same functionality. Still tinkering with it. Otherwise love One Drive for Cakewalk and most other things.
  10. I'm still on Sony Ver 10 and it is working fine and doing what I need. I am thankful Magix is authenticating the older versions but I don't see much value in what their versions are bringing and there are always hidden struggles making a change.
  11. I hope Reaktor and it's user library survive the current NI business issues. I enjoy the value every couple of weeks when I look in the user library and dl a few new blocks to play with.
  12. Got my M4 from sweetwater yesterday. Very compact and solid with nice textured grippy knobs. It only came with a USB-A to USB-C cable. For a quick initial check I plugged the included cable into my mid 2012 macbook pro (still on High Sierra) with Reaper and it just works! Input/playback knob is going to be cool I can tell already. When I have a couple hours I'll get it set up on my newer lenovo yoga on windoze with Bandlab Cakewalk and use my pixel phone USB-C to USB-C cable. And I'll get something midi plugged in because I'm curious about that feel too. Is there not a misc equipment forum anymore?
  13. Good timing. I was about to pull the trigger on that Steinberg ur22mkII for my newish windows laptop but I just ordered the Motu 4x4 from Sweetwater. I had the 828mk2 for a good decade+ and when I built a new desktop this summer I replaced it with a motu ultralite mk4 and it has been just as hassle free as the 828. Hoping for the same on this box!
  14. So how should I play this situation after just getting into waves plugs this last year? Abbey Rd Chambers, SSL G Buss - out of WUP. 5 other single plugs in WUP Planning on buying Abbey Rd bundle this holiday. I'm thinking it would be nice to have everything at v11 and then I can sit on it forever as long as they work. Upgrade the 5 single plugs to v11, pay SSL G Buss WUP when I can get 25% off, buy Abbey Rd bundle on sale and not worry about the v10 Chambers I already have? Is there a smarter way to play the Abbey Rd bundle purchase?
  15. Waves Abbey Road bundle for cheaper than it's been lately. And an analog delay for my little phatty. Test driving a Boss dm-2w this weekend and looking at a Chase Bliss Tonal Recall on CL. Or trying to fix my EHX deluxe memory boy that is getting skitzy.
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