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  1. I got it! I installed CbB on my new laptop. And noticed I was missing a lot of Sonar Platinum plugins. At first, I managed to find a ton of installers on my old pc. For them to run/install, you need to have the original Sonar Platinum installed alongside CbB. So I did that, installed Platinum (had the installer). Installed all sorts of stuff, LP Limiter, LP EQ from my old installers. However Adaptive Limiter is part of Sonar's 2017.05 update. I installed Command Center, and voila. It allowed me to update Engineering FX Suite. So I now have Adaptive Limiter again.. Since everything installed for Sonar Platinum, automatically becomes available in CbB.
  2. I once missed out on a special sale on the Cakewalk site. I believe all you had to do was register for something, and you'd get the CA-2A Prochannel plugin for free. Next thing you know, Cakewalk goes bust, gets sold and the shop is closed. I was wondering if any of the add-on Prochannel modules were gonna be made available again for purchase / download? Seems Bandlab has been quiet on this end (correct me if wrong).
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