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  1. @Heinz Hupfer I don't know what AZ Controller is, and I don't have programming skills, but I'd be game to try anything that would restore the function of my Nektar LX-61+.
  2. My LX-61+ has lost most of its DAW-control function. I didn't use all of it, but the transport controls were helpful to me...until they stopped working. I've found no new driver available, so I reinstalled the original driver and set up the controller again, but no love. I assume changes to Windows and/or Cakewalk have broken the connection, and I'm lucky to have the MIDI controller so at least I can trigger soft synths.
  3. Even without the OP, we've had a good discussion, and some of us have learned something.
  4. Plus 1 on this suggestion. It's a quick and dirty (and easy!) way to get a usable mix when you're overdubbing, without going to all the trouble of setting up a separate cue mix. You can further customize this by going into Preferences and changing the amount of "dimming" the Dim button does. This allows you a little bit of adjustment to the levels of the tracks that are not soloed. But (1.) a separate cue mix is the "right" way to do this, and (2.) if you're recording your bass at a good level and you still can't hear it, then your other tracks are probably too loud.
  5. @Clovis Ramsay I asked the question because earlier in this thread @bitflipper commented that the ADHD Leveling Tool might be a 32-bit app, even though it's advertised as 64-bit. Nothing to do with Cakewalk or the CA-2A.
  6. Just curious - what makes you suspect that? The download is an installer, and when I ran it, it gave me five choices of what to install: AAX 64-bit VST 64-bit VST 32-bit VST 32-bit VST Yes, you read that right. There are two 64-bit VST options and two 32-bit VST options. I chose the 64-bit option and on the next screen the mystery was solved: One of the 64-bit choices went into the default VST2 folder and the other one went into the default VST3 folder. I assumed this was accurate nomenclature. Wouldn't it be some kind of developer malpractice not to disclose the bitbridged thing, especially if you are also offering a 32-bit option?
  7. You could select all the tracks and drag them left (over the blank area) to wherever you want them to start.
  8. I'm having trouble picturing how you're working with CbB (Cakewalk by Bandlab). Are you drawing notes in the Piano Roll View (PRV)? If so you must have already inserted a virtual instrument or you would not be hearing your notes. And if you've got a virtual instrument loaded, the control pane to the left of the timeline is where automation happens (or in the console view, I guess). I'm not an expert, so I'll defer to others here, but there's an 1,800-page PDF manual you can download. Here's a section on MIDI automation. The full manual can be downloaded from a link at the top of this page: Reference Guide PDF. Best of luck!
  9. If your problem is re-activation, that only happens once every six months, and takes a few minutes, depending on your internet speed. The downloads you mention might be updates, which are roughly monthly and almost always improve the product. What are your specific issues?
  10. If that's the obstacle to a successful Update, shouldn't it be included as the first part of the Update?
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