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  1. Hi there folks, Hope everyone is well. Another novice question, how can I do a quick cursor return to start of project bar one, have tried double clicking on stop in transport, and a few other things but can't get a way? Also I take it there is no icon to open the console view except through the views menu or alt+2? Thanks a lot. Joe
  2. Hi folks, Thanks for all the help on previous threads of mine, I'm gradually getting to know and like Cakewalk. Can I ask yet another novice question, can I adjust the recording levels within Cakewalk itself, other than just doing it on my m-audio fast track pro? As far as I know I can do this in Cubase in the stereo in channel fader, so not sure if this feature is in Cakewalk. Thanks for any clarification. Joe
  3. Hi there Folks, A totally novice question yet again, oh I know I need to take time to read the manual and so on, but just want to do very basic stuff. I have an old m audio fast pro usb interface, gets sound from a mic into Cakewalk fine, and I have a number of band in a box wav tracks that I have imported, play fine also. So just one question when I record the vocals and want to hear them in the mix through the headphones from the fast track pro, what do I need to click on the Cakewalk GUI to bring this about? Many Thanks yet again for any help. Joe
  4. I have just got around to watching your video Martin on how to setup combine and send  buses in Cakewalk,  and things are becoming a lot clearer now.  I can't thank you enough for taking the time and trouble to make this video. You have been so helpful, I am saving the video to my computer for future reference. Though I am quite a novice on  DAW I believe that the combine bus in Cakewalk may be similar to set group track in Cubase.  Thank you so much again Martin. (Donegaljoe)  



    1. martsave martin s

      martsave martin s

      that's really cool Joe your message touch me,there is a lot of great videos on you tube..and im really happy that my video give you a 'start'...


      thank you Joe!

  5. Thanks ever so much Martsave for taking the time and trouble to make the video and all other posters as well. Will have a good look at video in a little while. Does this seem quite right or not, as in the screenshot below, called the send tester, Thanks to all for having a lot of patience with a newbie like me. Oh while I am posting here just another quick one rather than creating a new thread, is there a quick way to widen restore Multiple Channel Strips in the main GUI, rather than click each individual one to widen it.? Thanks again. joe
  6. Thanks for replies. What I basically want to do is to get me started is (with the minimum number of clicks ) is to set up a send effect and then route a number of tracks to that send effect. That reverb plugin on the master just appears when I click enable send in track one in the above screenshot. Probably what I want to do is (providing it is the easiest way to set up a send) is to use one of the audio tracks as a send effect and then route the other audio tracks to it as the need arises. Unless of course there is an easier way. I have done a good bit of searching for info on the net on how to use sends in Cakewalk but so far I can't find something I can get my head around. maybe it will become clearer if I put some nore work in and help on here. Thanks again . Joe
  7. Hi there folks, For what little recording I have done in the past I have used Cubase elements and know the basics on that DAW , but like the look of Cakewlak by Bandlab as well, would love to be able to do just the very basic stuff on it as well. Just the usual basic things, record, split a track add insert effects which seem straightforward in Cakewalk, one thing that is completely stumped me though is adding a send track in Cakewalk, Oh I do know this is such basic stuff which most of you do without thinking. Say I add 10 audio tracks and then in the inspector I can right click on track one (that I want to use as a send FX track) and open inset send assistant, I then select new bus, add a reverb effect, give it reverb name and click ok. I now see that the sends part of track one is now active in the inspector and if I now click enable send in track one it shows up in the master track as in screenshot in the fx section. Am I right in thinking I can then select a different audio track go to the little plus sign beside sends on that track and select the reverb from the dropdown menu? One thing I notice is if I go back to track one again, I do have to to re-click enable send to see the actual plugin in the master track and then click on that plugin name to open the pluigin itself. I do hope I am making a little sense here but probably not, so a little help greatly appreciated. Thanks Joe
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