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  1. Ok, now I know that renaming MIDI clips for future use has no point. Clip name won't be available after MIDI file import, unless I rename the track itself. I guess these other MIDI files that do retain their original clip names, were not created in Cakewalk. Thanks for clarifying that subject.
  2. I've been wondering, if MIDI file name import could be implemented in Cakewalk. Whenever I record a new MIDI clip, I rename it for better workflow. If it's worth keeping, I drag it to Cakewalk's file browser. The problem is that when I drag it back to any project, the assigned name doesn't appear in the clip's bar. Instead I get a generic track name (i.e. Track 4) in place where my custom clip name used to be. I also tried exporting MIDI through File-Export-Standard MIDI file command, but the behavior for dragged MIDI file stays the same. What's even more puzzling, some of the MIDI files in Cakewalk's browser do keep their names, when I drag them back to any project. By the way all MIDI files created by me appear in the Cakewalk's browser as Standard MIDI Sequence type.
  3. scook, thanks for your message. I appreciate that. If I could I would definitely keep 0 ms fades. However it was too annoying to just ignore the problem. I'm glad I even had this solution at hand.
  4. Ok I found the issue. I had no idea that updating Cakewalk to newer version can affect my Preferences. Luckily I keep notes of all the changes I made compared to default state. First of all I realized that audio stuttered on STOP command even when I played a single .wav file. So I went to Audio / Playback and Recording. I noticed that Fade On Start, Fade On Stop were back to 0. Previously I had them custom-set to 1 millisecond. After that small change no more stutter when I STOP playback.
  5. I always keep above-mentioned option switched ON. That's not what I meant though. I did mention Surge's built-in effects, which do no fall into the same category as FX chains in Cakewalk. For a minute I thought that problem was caused by option "On Stop, Rewind to Now Marker" which I also have switched ON. Unfortunately I didn't make any difference in performance. I tried using AIR Music Technology Hybrid and Ichiro Toda Synth1. They also cause the same short stutter when I press STOP. I'm sure it has to be a Cakewalk issue.
  6. Hello. I have a problem with Cakewalk and MIDI playback. Short description of my setup: 1 MIDI track with pre-recorded chords and 1 Instrument track with Vember Surge. Surge is receiving data from MIDI track. When I press PLAY everything works fine, no audio dropouts etc. When I press STOP I hear a very short stutter and all processing from Surge stops immediately. This includes built-in effects which belong to Surge's patch e.g. delay, reverb etc. I created the same setup in Reaper. When I press STOP, I can still hear audio fading out. Delays and reverbs can also be heard. Is there a setting in Cakewalk that would allow synthesizer patches play-out their ADSR envelopes and effects, without stopping them so abruptly?
  7. Works great, thank you. I noticed that it has to be clicked each time a window is open. Is there a way to give all keystrokes to plugin automatically, to whichever VST is at the front?
  8. Hello. I've been having problems with certain VST plugins. I mean the ones which allow user to input values e.g. enter certain amount for volume, panning etc. One of the most popular samplers TX16Wx is affected. Also AIR Music Technology Hybrid synth doesn't recognize keyboard input. Numerical keyboard on the right side simply doesn't work. When I try using top row numbers, different Cakewalk screensets are selected. Not all plugins are affected, but it's very annoying. In different DAWs like Ableton Live or Reaper plugins mentioned above work properly. Is there a way to change this behavior? I tired pinning plugin windows, but it didn't help. To be clear, it's not just the latest Cakewalk build that has this problem. It's been there for a long time.
  9. Good news keep coming today. Thanks for this update!
  10. That's right. Reaper really shines in this matter. It has the least problematic approach among DAWs that I know or tried. You make a very good point. I have the same attitude towards stock plugins. I noticed Blue Cat Audio Patchwork in a lot of videos over the years. I'm aware of what it can do, but somehow always wanted to avoid it. Just like I'm staying away from bridging 32 bit VSTs in Reaper. You provided some valuable info. Thanks for sharing.
  11. You are correct. I noticed that too. However only in Cakewalk I have stumbled upon such a "requirement". To keep the clip length even, make the last note even. Thanks for the input. We have a winner! I don't think I would have ever guessed that this option was responsible for truncated clips. Thanks for sharing this tip.
  12. Thank you for the suggestion. I actually thought about chaining tracks together, but very quickly realized how counterproductive it would be. I'm also discouraged based on the amount of time I already spent on this issue. Sure it would be a workaround, but I'm all about simplicity, so I'll pass. I can't believe that such an advanced DAW doesn't allow a function, which to this day I took for granted. Chaining a few MIDI effects together and being sure that data will be transferred from one to another. Really disappointing.
  13. Thanks a lot for taking the time to answer. I especially appreciate the sentence quoted above. I'm glad I asked on this forum. Wasted enough time already looking for a solution. Now I know that what I wanted to achieve was not possible.
  14. Hi. When I first installed Cakewalk, I noticed that all my third party MIDI effects were placed in the Instruments category. Today I wanted to create FX chain with three MIDI effects and couldn't do that. "Save FX Rack as FX Chain Preset" was greyed out. None of these effects generate sound. In other DAWs: Ableton Live, Reaper, Waveform they always appear as MIDI effects, which is not the case in Cakewalk. To be more precise, I mean a free set of effects from developer CodeFN42 and one effect from eaReckon called MIDI Polysher. Is there a way to change classification of these effects, so they appear in proper category? I've already looked in the Plug-in Manger, but couldn't find any solution.
  15. Hello. This subject has been bothering me for a long time. No matter how many times I try, I can't figure out the solution. At measure 1:00:000 I start recording a MIDI clip. When I press stop, it usually ends up with uneven length. Example from my current set: 7:03:869 (M:B:T). Now I can select this clip, go to Properties in the Inspector and manually input 8, which results in new clip length being 8:00:000 (M:B:T). So far so good. Can someone explain to me, why this new length changes back to where it was as soon as I duplicate this clip or even move it slightly within the track? Is there a setting I'm missing? It also doesn't matter if I use the Edit tool for this task. The clip changes length after any movement anyway.
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