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  1. I remember venturing to that section a very long time ago. I completely forgot how useful it may be. I think back then I was searching for missing Cakewalk instrument or something like that. Thank you.
  2. Great advice scook. I never would've thought about removing the file itself and moving it back into proper folder. Cakewalk finally recognized the "new" VST and now I have both VST2 and VST3 versions available. That was brilliantly simple.
  3. Thank you for the help bitflipper. I followed all the steps. The plugin in question was in the correct folder. I opened the log file after scanning. To my surprise the information stated: "VSTSCAN: Previously scanned - NOT a VST plugin". I have no idea why Cakewalk doesn't classify it as a VST. Other programs don't have any issues with it. I noticed one important thing though - this VST has the longest name among all plugins in that folder. In fact the VST2 in Cakewalk is listed without one letter "Shadow Hills Mastering Compresso". I've never had to alter any names of my plugins in order to have them recognized by the program. Perhaps Cakewalk has some limitations in that manner.
  4. Hi. Any Cakewalk users with PA Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor not appearing in the Plugins menu? I've had it for a few months and still can't load the VST3 version. It's not available. I can only use VST2. Cakewalk is up to date. Plugin is up to date.
  5. I'm glad someone else wrote the exact same scenario, which I also experienced multiple times. As I previously wrote - no logic behind this behavior. Not exactly. To paraphrase what David Baay wrote above, Global Bindings take priority in different scenarios. So far I only learned that when focus is on Piano Roll View, your Track View assignments won't work. Global Bindings will be the first to react to dedicated keyboard shortcuts.
  6. You are totally right. I also checked that when I close and open PRV, Cakewalk maintains the focus on the Piano Roll and then I can't rename the clip. Thanks.
  7. It doesn't happen as you described. That's the thing. I specifically checked this scenario earlier today. Just like you mentioned, I thought that window focus could have something to do with unusual shortcut behavior. I had Piano Roll open and still I could rename the clip in which MIDI notes were enclosed. In the past, with the exact same settings and Piano Roll open as well, Ctrl+R started arming all tracks for recording. Like most of us here I have specific way of working and doing things in Cakewalk. That's how I know that while doing the same thing, I had 2 different outcomes on different occasions. No logic behind it. At least for me.
  8. Yes, it's all clear to me. What I don't understand is when and why Global Bindings take priority over Track View bindings. I'm sure that I had the same situation with 2 different outcomes while working in the same project, without even closing it. Sometimes my assignment for Ctrl+R did work and sometimes it just didn't. Then the Global Binding was prioritized.
  9. Today I used "Zap All" option in the Keyboard Shortcuts section to remove all my custom assignments. After that I assigned only two: Ctrl+J and Ctrl+R. I noticed something strange after I applying the changes. Ctrl+J was still being displayed as [Unassigned]. Ctrl+R was still being displayed as assigned to Arm [UnArm] all tracks. I don't get it. Why both shortcuts maintain their "false" assignments in the lower portion of the screenshot despite being assigned by user to specific functions? Perhaps that's the reason why I had so many situations with Ctrl+R randomly unbinding and performing the original assigned function.
  10. Save Changes For Next Session is constantly switched on. Thanks for the suggestion. The "system-specific" phrase describes my problem very accurately. Perhaps I will investigate the matter further, when I'm not distracted by other things.
  11. I don't think it's a permissions or antivirus problem. If that was the case, I wouldn't be able to make any custom shortcut assignments, save a session, open it the next day with shortcuts being present. Why they disappear though, in the middle of the same project, without closing that project? That's how it happened to me multiple times. From what I've read on this forum, I can see I'm not the only one with this randomness happening. It's easier to deal with such intriguing problems, when there are other users also experiencing them. On the other hand I can be glad that it's something as little as this, not projects crashing or errors appearing during saving etc. Cakewalk has been very stable overall.
  12. Well, today I realized that I've never used Workspaces. I've only been using Screensets. So at the moment I can't confirm how or if Workspaces are going to affect custom Key Bindings. Even today my Key Bindings were acting up. The same thing happen. I visually confirmed that I had my custom shortcut Ctrl+R assigned to Rename Clip. 20 minutes later when I wanted to use it, it kept arming all tracks for recording, no Clip Rename option. What ? I haven't changed my Screensets and of course haven't touched the Workspaces. It's a strange bug in my opinion. I started using traditional mouse right-click and just selecting this from the drop down menu. At least it's reliable instead of trying to figure out why shortcut doesn't work, yet again.
  13. Never mind. Lord Tim helped me in another topic. I confused Screensets with Workspaces. Just in case someone is wondering, the latter has Key Bindings option available in the Manage Workspaces section. Once again - not my tip. Just passing along the information.
  14. Oh snap, I just realized that I've mistaken Screensets for Workspaces. My bad. Until now I haven't used Workspaces even a single time. Thanks for the info though.
  15. Thank you for these ideas. Both workarounds msmcleod's and yours mean additional steps in the workflow. I think it will just be easier to accept PRV functionality as it is. The thing is that I'm used to working with separate clips (Ableton Live), so I was looking for the same behavior. Fit Content command in PRV doesn't always work the way I would expect it to. Actually it often displays the notes I don't want to work with at the moment. That's how this whole venture started for me. If Fit Content would always focus on the MIDI notes in the currently selected clip, it would be great.
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