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  1. Hey Noel, I've seen this happen intermittently between releases. TTS-1 does not seem to get registered (every time) My only resolve is to run CbB as Aministrator permanently and this solves the problem. My DAW is dedicated to CbB and no changes are made to the system except Win 10 updates My 64c
  2. Where have you been the last 3 years? You expected more progress? Have you seen the list of improvements almost very month for the past 3 years?
  3. Been asking for this feature for years. Please provide a method to convert TEXT events to LYRIC events WITHIN Cakewalk. .kar files normally have the lyrics in "Soft Karoake" text events. Would like to be able to convert this information to proper lyrics events. Please do not refer me to any third party sites. I refuse to buy a huge app when I only need ONE feature (Example gnmidi)
  4. I am a South African New Zealander that live in Australia 🙂 Next stop?
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