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  1. Am I nuts, or did the update just fix this?
  2. Yeah, I thought it did, too, that's why I saved it as a .bun
  3. I'm not sure how to do that, what is the procedure?
  4. No, freezing the track doesn't help. Tried it before, but I just tried it again to be sure. It's like 300 ms early.
  5. Scarlett Focusrite interface. I watched the video, but it doesn't account for the fact that a standard mix export is fine, while an arrangement mix export isn't. In addition, it's only one of a number of audio tracks that I personally recorded that are out of sync.
  6. Hi, folks. I'm attempting to export a mix of an arrangement, and am getting timing issues as a result. The mix is a combination of audio tracks, midi drums (Superior Drummer), and a few loops -- only 10 tracks in total, and only one fx bus. Initially, it was the drums and guitar that were out of sync, but I bounced the drums down to a single stereo audio track and that now lined up properly, but one guitar track is still behind by a beat. This only happens if I export as an arrangment. I can't figure out why, or how to fix it. Any ideas?
  7. Can't for the life of me figure out how to get the tool to add Sound Forge, though...
  8. Wow, that looked like it was precisely what I needed! Ok, so here's what happened: the hi-hat was sounding as a snare. Changed the snare to hi-hat via your method, and now it's a rack tom. LOL. Not a midi expert by a long shot, but could there be some kind of sysex thing happening here?
  9. Right, what I mean is...ok, I changed the preset to Alesis -- no discernible change.
  10. Not exactly sure what changing the preset is supposed to do within SD3.
  11. Good question. The midi drum track was a song/pattern from my old Alesis SR-16. I recorded the midi track into CbB directly from the drum machine. I couldn't figure out a way to change the mapping from within SD3.
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