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  1. Can't for the life of me figure out how to get the tool to add Sound Forge, though...
  2. Wow, that looked like it was precisely what I needed! Ok, so here's what happened: the hi-hat was sounding as a snare. Changed the snare to hi-hat via your method, and now it's a rack tom. LOL. Not a midi expert by a long shot, but could there be some kind of sysex thing happening here?
  3. Right, what I mean is...ok, I changed the preset to Alesis -- no discernible change.
  4. Not exactly sure what changing the preset is supposed to do within SD3.
  5. Good question. The midi drum track was a song/pattern from my old Alesis SR-16. I recorded the midi track into CbB directly from the drum machine. I couldn't figure out a way to change the mapping from within SD3.
  6. Input changed per your instructions. Smart tool didn't work for that, used move tool instead. I can drag it, but how do I drag it so it stays at the same beat I need it to be at?
  7. That was the first thing I tried: find the correct note on the piano roll, and move the notes to the correct one. Didn't work, they still sound like the original note.
  8. So, I have an existing midi drum track that I want SD3 to play. However, SD3 is using the hi-hat for the snare sound, the kick drum is using a tom sound, etc.... I can't figure out a way to change each indiviual drum sound, either in SD3 or the CbB grid editor. What the heck am I doing wrong?
  9. Ah, I think I understand. I needed to crank the gain on one track on the current song due to the mic not having picked it up properly. Could that have been the cause?
  10. OK, so....Offset mode is now under the Mix tab on the toolbar. It was ON for some reason -- I don't know why it would be, but as soon as I toggled it, my faders/pans/etc. went back to where they should be. I don't have time to check it though as I'm on my way out, but I will later.
  11. Yes, it doesn't sound right. I noticed it immediately. The volumes don't have a +, but the pan's do. It also seems to have reset the buss and FX send values, although there are no + there.
  12. Tried that, there is no option for "Custom".
  13. I don't see that part of the toolbar on mine. Is it on a specific "view"?
  14. How do you disable that, or rather, get out of it?
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