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  1. Been using the demo and just picked it up on sale at Plugin Boutique for about $20 with some virtual cash I had. Sounds great! 👍
  2. Merry Christmas from a warm and windy Boston. Hope everybody has a nice day!🎄✨
  3. I was going to post Muskrat Love but didn't want to do that to craigb
  4. 🙁 I'll never forget when the first album came out and how it influenced me...thank you EVH RIP
  5. It's been a long time coming looking forward to hearing what people think of it
  6. I never got a reply from affiliate@magix.net so I contacted Magix sales and got a sorry can't help you reply. Win some lose some. Since the registration of the email did go through I asked them to delete the account that was created and they assured me my email address wasn't sold to a 3rd party.
  7. I also got most of that stuff in a previous bundle and almost pulled the trigger on this one just for CorelDraw until I seen it was a 6 month subscription. If I were to go subscription I'd probably go with Adobe. Since you can't export vector files from PSP I learned Inkscape earlier this year which works very well for my needs. 🖋️
  8. Good for another year with the new license, not because it updated the WUP on the one I already had 🙃
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