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  1. rcklln

    Front DAW 60% off

    I grabbed it in Dec 2017 when it was on sale for half off - well worth it - haven't seen it on sale again since
  2. Try using the back and then forward button on the browser, then click in the comment box after the link- that fixes it for me when it won't embed at first
  3. Man I've been there too...good luck with your new place!
  4. Groove3 is very good and they have videos on a wide variety of topics but I never seemed to make the yearly subscription worthwhile. For me it ended up best to buy the videos I wanted (Groove3 or Udemy) while on sale and maybe get a monthly subscription ($15) once or twice a year when I couldn't find what I wanted on youtube. At times I also prefer reading a manual than watch videos.
  5. Looking good! 👍
  6. I guess it's a good thing for those that keep WUP up to date but I'm not going for something that's just going to be taken away later
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