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  1. Cool - a free one that I don't already have!
  2. On Monday I logged in and it said I had $12 worth of credits and I decided to download and check out the demo. Yesterday I logged in and the credits were gone. Support told me that the credits system is in beta mode and it wasn't supposed to be on yet when I first checked but I would now receive credits with a purchase. Should have pulled the trigger on Monday but oh well - if i decide to get it the intro price is cheap enough.
  3. I don't post often but have been visiting this forum every day for many years and always enjoyed Bills posts and humor. RIP Bill you were one of a kind and will be missed.
  4. rcklln

    IK T-Racks Singles

    Picked up Full Metering with my last 25 gear credits 😀
  5. rcklln

    Found in JRR Shop

    Did you happen to see my account anywhere in there? Somehow it got lost 🤔
  6. rcklln

    T-Racks 5 SE

    Although I have been happy using Kuassa amp sims I wonder the same. Maybe IK will offer up a deal for AT5SE like the current SampleTank SE promotion at some point.
  7. That motherboard really lived up to it's Ultra Durable 2 description. I have a rev 2.0 with a Q9650 and 8 gb RAM that I built in 2008 and it's still running strong. 👍
  8. I didn't either but they showed up after i logged out and then logged back in Hope to see a winner(s) from the forum!
  9. Somebody found an old beat up box between the warehouse racks...
  10. For those w/o Kontakt can also download the samples
  11. Been using the demo and just picked it up on sale at Plugin Boutique for about $20 with some virtual cash I had. Sounds great! 👍
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