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  1. Thanks Noel! Yes I did, I made two new tracks with the British actor Stephen Fry: https://smarturl.it/drchrispy-onebyone
  2. Hi Everyone! I am a former NASA engineer and 20+ years Cakewalk user, and I'll be flying to space on Blue Origin's next rocket launch. [ref][ref] I am making a playlist of fellow creator's music with me, and auctioning the USB thumb drive to benefit a music charity. If you want to send your song into space, just email an mp3 AND a soundcloud link to songtospace@drchrispy.com I'm about to head to Texas for training in a day or two, so might be late answer questions here, but happy to try answer any questions you might have. Cheers Chris AKA Dr Chrispy
  3. omg I have been waiting for this for so long! Congrats to the CW team, this looks like a monster releaese! Thank you!
  4. Is anyone else seeing an issue with midi not being recorded? Since the latest patch, I find if I try record midi, the clip vanishes when I hit stop. If I open PRV I can see the notes appearing as I am recording, so it is definitely seeing the device and the incoming midi data, but as soon as I hit stop, the entire clip vanishes from the track view and the notes are gone! I will do some more investigating later - but just wanted ask here before I file a bug report! Thanks all!
  5. Thanks Kurt! Appreciate the comment and thanks for listening! Haha yes, with this track we could do lots of silly things, it was a fun one to work on. Thank you David, really appreciate the kind words! Thank you Mark! We probably spent too long on it, but hey, it works! By the way, you seem to like Voyager! Here is one I posted last year, also made in Cake:
  6. Hi All! Here is a song I wrote in Cake/Sonar. I just released the music video that i made over the last 6 months. I think the video makes the song sound even more nuts! Editing the vocal samples in this I used a pretty unconventional workflow. I wanted some of Haji Mikes phrases at natural speed (unedited) and others with a slightly quicker cadence. In fact, in this song are many sentences he didn't record exactly that way, I made them up in editing because it sounded cool. I also wanted to drop the vocals down one 1/2 step in pitch. Rather than using Cakewalk's clip tempo/stretch tool, or melodyne, I went offline and made two new audio files rendered in high quality, both pitched down, and one faster. I did the changes in Image Lines Edison because I liked the sound and quality best. I then dropped those into the project, applied a temporary tempo change to the sped up one to slow it back down and time match the original. Then I muted one clip, grouped them, and then split all the phrases and words I needed out of both audio files simultaneously. That was a super fast work flow, and gave me hundreds of linked pairs of vocal samples and phrases to select from. I then selected all of the clips corresponding the tempo changed clip, and took the temporary change off. That left me with two tracks: one full of natural speed sliced clips, and the other with sped up clips, temporarily muted, but with each clip starting at the same start time. And this last point was the key - after split, everything was still in the same place. I could then drag each pair to where I wanted them for creative purposes. And one of the nice things about grouped clips in Cakewalk, if you mute them, the state of both clips flip, so the muted one becomes unmuted, and vice versa. So for every phrase, I could audition the faster or slower clip and see which sounded better just by hitting the k key. If you didn't follow any of this, I'll post a screenshot! It is a bit strange, but I feel this way I got a higher quality result than just splitting on track, and stretching clips willy nilly as I needed them. And without further ado, here it is:
  7. Ctrl-N and File->New do two totally different things. File->New opens the old Sonar new menu which requires a project name and save location before proceeding. Since neither of the other two modern ways of making a new project require these steps, this is frustrating and useless behavior. I frequently do File-New, then remember, hit escape, and hit Ctrl-N. It gets tiring after a while. It would be great if they both did the same thing.
  8. It would be great if clip colors and names were kept when bouncing. Eg, let's say I made my chorus clips yellow, and there are two of them. If I bounce them together, they revert to the default clip coloring. In this case, the already selected colors should be kept - why not? If two clips have different colors, the first one could be used. Same for clip names - bounce two clips together the new clip name is empty. Why not keep the first one, and append "bounced" or even concatenate the names. If the name exists in that track, maybe add a "#2" etc like FL Studio does. Degenerate case: select a single clip and bounce it, and the name and color is lost. This obviously shouldn't happen. These are just two examples of areas where cakewalk works against you - in the end I'd rather not bother coloring or naming things is it's going to be constantly wiped away.
  9. Thanks for trying! Appreciate it! This is half true - yes the clips behave the way you describe, but there is only a single audio file created on disk, so why it behaves any differently than a single split audio file is a mystery. If, on the other hand, it created one audio file per take lane, then yes, the clip behaviour would make total sense. But given that I can grab the exact same audio file off of the disk, drop it in a track, and have do exactly what I want, this "different" kind of clip seems like an unnecessary programming decision.
  10. I dug up the oldest project I could find of mine on this PC with loop recording, and it doens't work that way either. I'm wondering if I am going completely insane! I could swear I used to do this all the time. I guess it is a feature request now. I admit, I am deeply confused now. Here is a puzzle though - can you name any other type of clip in Cakewalk that has this behaviour: two clips point to the same asset on disk, but neither of them can display the full data? Makes no sense to me. Any clip you import and split is going to behave the way I expect, it can be dragged back to full length past the split in either direction until it runs out of audio data. And it works like this until you bounce the clip, at which point a new file is created on disk. For loop recording though, If you check the associated audio file list, two take lanes from the same loop recording pass point to the same audio file!
  11. Thanks for testing. It used to work differently, so I am stumped. Maybe it's a consequence of take lane improvements?
  12. Nobody has any ideas? Please, I need some help here.
  13. @Noel Borthwick, @Jesse Jost, any idea guys? This has ground me to a stop in a studio session, would love to find out what's up. Is there a setting I might have changed?
  14. I try hard to only install VST3s, are you unchecking all the others when you install?
  15. Hi all, I just discovered what I think is an unintended change in take lanes when loop recording. Looped recording produces clips that can't be extended or slip edited. In the past, if I recorded on a loop, I would get neatly stacked take lanes, and each take is actually just a clip pointing to the same audio file on disk. That meant you could extend any clip boundary and you would get the part of the audio that crossed the loop boundary. This is very useful for pick up lines or tails on phrases. Just grab the end of the clip, slide it across, and the phrase extends into the next bar where it should. That no longer works. Instead, each take produces a clip, and like before it still references the same file on disk (I checked), but the clips can no longer be lengthened. Doing so shows silence, as if there is nothing there, and no audio plays. What I find strange is that each clip in the take lanes clearly points to the same audio file, and if I find that file and drop it in a track, it is all there and contiguous as it always have been. So I am not entirely sure what limitation is putting a hard edge on the take lane clips. I've never seen clips behave like this in Cakewalk, so I think it's a bug. Anybody seen this before?
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