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  1. Downside is, I seem to have broken the prochannel module. Maybe that is it, I might restore it and find out... EDIT: yes, the version is for prochannel, and it doesn't seem to have the bug.
  2. Seems like I solved the problem. I had multiple versions of the Breveb DLL. I did a search for them and deleted two. See the attached screenshot. The program now loads the 2.1.13 version, and I have not seen the bug again. I wonder how Cakewalk chooses which DLL to load...
  3. I got this reply from Overloud: I uninstalled Breverb and Cakewalk, then did a fresh install from the Bandlab Assistant but ended up again with 2.1.12. With an empty project with only Breverb on an audio track, it spontaneously started clicking after about 1 minute. @Noel Borthwick, do you know of this Breverb 2.1.13 they are speaking of?
  4. No, it's authorized correctly. I did a reinstall and reauth but it didn't change.
  5. What has been your go-to replacement? TBH, I never really mastered any of the unique things Breverb offered.
  6. I have an issue with Breverb spontaneously emitting noise. It is either a constant static, or a click/beep that loops, depending on the settings. As far as I can tell it is a bug, vs a routing issue. Even if no audio is playing it just self-excites, and can't be stopped. It doesn't always do it when a project loads, but it eventually starts at some point , and then can't be stopped. If there are multiple instances of the plugin present, they all start doing it at the same time. Changing presets has no effect, once it's glitching out, it stays glitchy. If I suspend the audio engine, and restart it, the noise just continues, which I think confirms that it wasn't a bad input or bus routing loop. I'm on the latest CWbBL, and "Breverb 2 Cakewalk" v2.1.12, which was the version that they released when Cakewalk Inc tanked. Has anybody else seen this? I'm not sure exactly what my options are here. I contacted Overloud but haven't heard back yet.
  7. That's strange - I went to the BL booth and they kindly told me Cakewalk had its own booth on another floor. I walked over there two and had a great chat with Noel and Jesse. Two of my songs were featured, not sure about the whole playlist, but it seems many of the submissions made it.
  8. @Noel Borthwick, any updates? I'm about to head off to a songwriting camp and won't have access to my studio for a few days.
  9. I forgot to list the plugins. For Drive, the non-native plugins are: Izotope Neutron. Image Line Delay TAL Reverb II Soundtoys FilterFreak1, Sie-Q Nicky Romero Kickstart Sleepy-Time DSP Lisp (Desser) For Voyager: Neutron
  10. Awesome, I'll be at Namm with GHS Strings, looking forward to saying hi again Noel. I have two for you, both released 2019: Voyager at the Heliopause Ambient instrumental, with lyrics in morse code. Here's a music video with 3D animation I did - all of which are scientifically accurate recreations of Voyager's journey through the solar system. Drive Synth heavy dance track with vocals.
  11. I have a brand new Presonus studio 68c. I often use the FL Asio driver that ships with FL studio because it allows driver sharing. Potentially a smoking gun... I'll double check with the Presonus driver. I used to have a Mackie Onyx Blackjack, and it behaved the same, as does the Reatek soundcard in my laptop. But, I suspect again, possibly when using the FL driver. I haven't used ASIO4ALL in a while, as it offered no advantages over the OEM driver or FL Asio.
  12. Yeah, from my experiment it seems that the melodyne timing offset moves far from the actual clip until you hit stop and start again.
  13. Here's an example. As you can see in the vid, every time I click on the timeline the melodyne playback point gets pushed to the left. https://photos.app.goo.gl/G6EhXjTiFpGgTyWa9 I'd say this is a pretty major bug - it renders the app nearly unusable when editing or comping.
  14. For several years Sonar and Cakewalk emit an intermittent squeal when starting playback instead of playing audio. It sounds like it is just playing a microscopic loop of the audio at a high frequency. It's not completely predictable, but sometimes it seems to do it 1/3 times. I recorded a video of it here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/qtoezBihAzGYwHkP7 Sorry for the aggressive space bar slapping.
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