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  1. Thanks for trying! Appreciate it! This is half true - yes the clips behave the way you describe, but there is only a single audio file created on disk, so why it behaves any differently than a single split audio file is a mystery. If, on the other hand, it created one audio file per take lane, then yes, the clip behaviour would make total sense. But given that I can grab the exact same audio file off of the disk, drop it in a track, and have do exactly what I want, this "different" kind of clip seems like an unnecessary programming decision.
  2. I dug up the oldest project I could find of mine on this PC with loop recording, and it doens't work that way either. I'm wondering if I am going completely insane! I could swear I used to do this all the time. I guess it is a feature request now. I admit, I am deeply confused now. Here is a puzzle though - can you name any other type of clip in Cakewalk that has this behaviour: two clips point to the same asset on disk, but neither of them can display the full data? Makes no sense to me. Any clip you import and split is going to behave the way I expect, it can be dragged back to full length past the split in either direction until it runs out of audio data. And it works like this until you bounce the clip, at which point a new file is created on disk. For loop recording though, If you check the associated audio file list, two take lanes from the same loop recording pass point to the same audio file!
  3. Thanks for testing. It used to work differently, so I am stumped. Maybe it's a consequence of take lane improvements?
  4. Nobody has any ideas? Please, I need some help here.
  5. @Noel Borthwick, @Jesse Jost, any idea guys? This has ground me to a stop in a studio session, would love to find out what's up. Is there a setting I might have changed?
  6. I try hard to only install VST3s, are you unchecking all the others when you install?
  7. Hi all, I just discovered what I think is an unintended change in take lanes when loop recording. Looped recording produces clips that can't be extended or slip edited. In the past, if I recorded on a loop, I would get neatly stacked take lanes, and each take is actually just a clip pointing to the same audio file on disk. That meant you could extend any clip boundary and you would get the part of the audio that crossed the loop boundary. This is very useful for pick up lines or tails on phrases. Just grab the end of the clip, slide it across, and the phrase extends into the next bar where it should. That no longer works. Instead, each take produces a clip, and like before it still references the same file on disk (I checked), but the clips can no longer be lengthened. Doing so shows silence, as if there is nothing there, and no audio plays. What I find strange is that each clip in the take lanes clearly points to the same audio file, and if I find that file and drop it in a track, it is all there and contiguous as it always have been. So I am not entirely sure what limitation is putting a hard edge on the take lane clips. I've never seen clips behave like this in Cakewalk, so I think it's a bug. Anybody seen this before?
  8. Just what I came to find! Thanks. Edit: I archived all these files, but sadly it won't install, says it's the wrong version. I guess I need to install olde Sonar first. I was trying to be clever and skip that step.
  9. I've been on Cakewalk since Pro Audio 6, and when these forums were on Usenet! While I find Cakewalk frustrating at times, am currently editing a video in Adobe Premiere and that makes Cakewalk look like the best software ever written. I can't believe how simple features we take for granted in a DAW are completely lacking in Premiere Pro.
  10. Oh yeah, thanks, I'd love to hear what you think!
  11. Yeah, I can switch it around also with one of the hardware keys, it toggles bus/hw. But, it still randomly jumps. If it's on HW, it jumps the left slider down. If it's on bus, it jumps the master slider. But since the busses only have one slider, it makes me think it's doing the same thing, no matter where it's pointed.
  12. Hi All, I am thinking to buy the Yamaha MODX (6 or 7) and am wondering how well MODX Connect works? Only Cubase is listed as a supported DAW. However, I downloaded the driver and app and could successfully install the VST Instrument and load it in Cakewalk. It just didn't do anything because I don't have a MODX yet. Does anyone have experience with the Connect app? Thanks! CB
  13. Have you tried disabling the ctrl surface handshake, as per this thread? https://discuss.cakewalk.com/index.php?/topic/5758-arturia-keylab-mk2-in-cakewalk/page/2/&tab=comments#comment-165577 I got my keylab essential to work that way, after a year of giving up. I am considering buying the fantom and would love to know!
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