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  1. my sound card is a Behringer u-phoria 404 hd recording at 44000HZ sampling frequency double Precision 64 Bit DRIVER UMC Asio Driver and with 64ms latency
  2. yes, my computer is an AMD FX 6350 with 32 Gb of Ram, Windows 10 64 Bit the version of Cakewalk is 2022.06 and the plugin is Roland Anthology, when I want to parameterize the Filters it is when I start recording and at the moment it crashes and closes without further ado Could it be that the plugin, being unsupported, can cause this problem? Thank you for your answers!
  3. Hello! my Name is Damian, and i have a problem with Cakewalk!. Cakewalk crashes with automation when I record a midi track and assign a parameter to automate automatically crashes, and quits. there's a solution? Have a nice Day!
  4. Thank You! I'm going to try the synth. Looks good!
  5. Good morning everyone! I wanted to ask something. Will Rapture or z3ta ever be added to Cakewalk by Bandlab? I loved the demos of those programs! a greeting!
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