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  1. @jack c. An easy way to create some dynamic variation is to have instruments drop out and/or add some reverb so that some seem 'further" back in the "room".... Having a spot where the vocal is only supported by a "thin" sounding instrument, will make the re-entrance of all them sound bigger and dramatic. Simply having your choruses be bigger/louder than the verses is the main way to get some variety. Creating a middle that's bigger or much smaller sounding will make it stand out from the body of the track, too. Using automation to bring things to the foreground (of the listener's attention), like moving the high hats up or down/back, bringing in a certain guitar here or there is always good mixing technique. The things to change are frequencies, tonality, arrangement, panorama, depth etc. have a spot with just bass or something high and ephemeral have a spot with no bass and another with no drums etc have things on far left/right drop out to "showcase the center" or vice versa Like drummers used to switch to their ride cymbal for the chorus or the bell for the biggest section of the song, use more or busier sometimes and less or quieter in between...... Michael
  2. This may have been suggested, but it seems like either having a button to quickly switch between mixing and tracking settings (buffers) would be very handy.
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