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  1. I've been on Sonar since 4, then 8, then X3. I was really surprised how drastic the change was between 8 and the Skylite IU. I absolutely hated it at 1st. I really hope that Bandlab keeps the same UI. It took quite some effort to re learn the it. Id rather be working on music than relearning how to use the daw. One improvement that I'd really like to see is how the plugins and synths are done. I really like how protools have their plugins layed out. There just there, without having to open the synth view, don't have to scroll through plugins to see what you have. You just click on the plug-in space, and choose. In Cakewalk, you have to right click, then select what type of plugin, then the plug-in name. There is a very small plus symbol you can click on, but it's just not as easy as protools. I did notice the changes to sends, it's alot easier to send to another buss now than it was. It would also be really nice to be able to record audio on an instrument track, like you can with Harrison Mixbus. I really love Cakewalk, and tried other daws to find a better workflow, but always return to Cakewalk. Even though I find other daws have a more efficient workflow, there's alot that they don't have or support. Having to repurchase all new plugins if protools changed the plug-in type is a complete joke, needing to have pro tools certified hardware to take full advantage of it is very cost prohibitive. Harrison Mixbus has better Macky controller surface integration, but it's buggy and lacks almost everything that Cakewalk has to offer. With my Behringer Xtouch, you need custom templates to use it with Cakewalk. My Behringer Motor49 doesn't work at all without having to use 3rd party .dll files with Cakewalk. Again, with Harrison Mixbus, each button, knob, and fader just works. I'd really like to see much better Macky protocol support. Keep up the great work guys, Cakewalk is by far the best if them all!
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