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  1. I'm extremely disappointed by the decision to drop the Key+ control from the track controls panel. (Not sure what version change did that. At the tail end of the dreadful Gibson era, I found the jump from 8.6 to X3 to be a waste of time and money -- sadly, after I did it -- so, I stuck to 8.6 and then I essentially moved from 8.6 to CWBL.) The Key+ feature made raising/lowering pitch of a MIDI track far quicker and more straightforward than the multi-step transpose function. Sure, if you have a whole bunch of tracks, it makes sense to perform a grouped operation. But if you simply have an already-tracked MIDI track you'd like to experiment and find a good key for, whoever removed the Key+ control made it a BIG PAIN IN THE BACKSIDE.
  2. User 905133! You're the best! Your first suggestion got me over the hump. I figured it was something 'easy' -- but there've been a lot of changes to absorb [I jumped from 8.6 to X3] and I kept stabbing around looking for something. Who'd a thunk a simple right-click would have got me there! 😌 I'll see if I can document more about the situation and post it here if appropriate. Also, many thanks to Ben for passing this issue along! ADDENDUM: After saving the named workspace after expanding the control bar, the project opened back up as expected/desired. Previously, though, I had noticed that the problem seemed to be one of the 'desktop' area having 'crept up' to cover the bottom of the control bar. (IOW, it appeared the 'desktop' had a higher Z-index level than the control bar in the display stack and was partially obscuring it.)
  3. This appears to be something I did to myself but can't figure out how to fix: I saved a workspace view and when I reopen it, the lower half of the top toolbar/control strip is partially covered now when the work area is docked... No doubt I've done something stupid but...
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