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  1. I recall people having issues with the new Focusrite driver back in August and September. I avoided updating mine and, now I see they have a different, newer one out. Did this ever get sorted out with respect to CbB? Is this newest Focusrite driver a winner or...... ?
  2. Well, I think I solved this! So.... if you let up the shift key BEFORE you let up the mouse button, the clip jogs out of time, for some reason. If you let up the mouse button BEFORE you let up the shift button, it stays in time. So, I guess I need to slow down and be more careful of my technique. Ultimately though, does this seem like proper behavior or, is it a bug? Why should it make any difference which you let up first? Seems a bit too fussy to me. In fact, I think I would prefer an option for any vertical drag/move of clips to default to constraining timing WITHOUT using the shift key at all. Then, you could use the shift key if you do not want to constrain time. Would that make sense to anyone other than just me?
  3. Martin, thanks for the video. I am doing exactly the same thing as you but, mine does not stay in time.
  4. Yes, snap to grid is turned off. The song was not recorded to a click track.
  5. All audio tracks. Yes, they are in a folder however, I have had this happen with tracks that are not in a folder before, as well. No region FX. No frozen tracks.
  6. Charlie, I've tried shift/click/drag, I've tried click/shift/drag, I've tried it every way. This is not a new problem here, BTW. I've battled this issue for a long, long time. I just got fed up enough with it right now to ask about it. (I was trying to drag a lot of drum track fixes from their tracks into the main drum tracks)
  7. Yes, I am dragging it to a different track. Holding down the SHIFT key is supposed to keep it's position, timing-wise. It should not be able to move left or right at all, only up and down. For some reason it almost always ends up off time. Sometimes it works fine but, it's totally hit and miss. This makes editing/combining/comping clips virtually impossible.
  8. I am trying to drag a clip from one track to a different track. I thought if I select the clip and hold down SHIFT it is supposed to constrain it to the original timing. For some reason, this is only working sometimes, not every time for me. Am I doing something wrong? Sometimes it ends up right where it should be. Other times it jumps left or right, throwing the timing off completely.
  9. I would like to see this, as well. Not a deal breaker but, would be handy.
  10. But, I've been using version 3.2.1 for quite a while now. Are you saying they changed it but didn't give it a new version number?
  11. Focusrite is only showing version 3.2.1 as available now. No new driver available.
  12. Melodyne Support was very prompt and helpful. Had to deactivate my computer for Essential then, activate it for Editor. The installer did not automatically overwrite the Essential installation/activation.
  13. So far, so good! I think this worked. I'll do another day or so of testing and, if all is well, I will mark this as SOLVED.
  14. I purchased Melodyne Editor 4. How do I get Cakewalk to use that instead of Melodyne Essential?
  15. I THINK I MIGHT have found the answer, thanks to Promidi! "In my Nvidia control Panel - Manage 3D settings, I have my Power management mode set to Prefer Maximum Performance." I never even knew these settings existed! After changing mine to "Prefer Maximum Performance", I have had no dropouts! I will need to do some further torture testing before I can be certain but, it looks very hopeful, so far!
  16. Gswitz - Not sure what you mean. Where do I find system and application event logs?
  17. Promidi - I think I'll try switching to the Intel Graphics instead of the Nvidia card.
  18. Jim Roseberry - So, are you saying my new Dell might just be an expensive boat anchor when it comes to running a DAW?
  19. It's an Nvidia GTX 1050TI and, yes, have disabled it's HD audio driver. I have tried it with and without the wifi and, it makes no difference. This is getting frustrating. This is not the first time I've had issues. The last time I ended replacing my Focusrite Saffire Pro with my current Scarlett 18i20 and also replaced my old computer with this current Dell XPS. That's too expensive to do again.
  20. So, if I'm reading this correctly, Kernel Mode Driver Framework Runtime is the culprit?? Unfortunately, it says it's a part of Windows so, what can be done about that? Or, am I interpreting it incorrectly?
  21. I'll try it again. So, should the Paging File be on the audio drive, not the C drive?
  22. I have run Latency Mon quite a bit. It always tells me everything is good and my system should handle realtime audio just fine. Except when a dropout happens then, it lights up red and tells me I cannot run realtime audio. I have never been able to figure out if it's giving me any clues as to what the problem is or not. I guess I don't understand it.
  23. Yes, I did catch the "minus 8". I will reset my paging file. You only have the paging file set on your audio drive? I have always only had it set on my C drive. Is that wrong? I noticed my playback and record I?O buffer sizes were set to 256. I raised them to 512. I'll see if that makes any difference. Also, I noticed I have something called Intel Rapid Storage Technology running. It appears to do something to try to conserve energy on the hard drives???? Should I uninstall this?? I know nothing about it.
  24. Promidi - I tried the settings in AUD.INI and it did not help. I just reset it to default. Also, I have my Paging File set to "None". Not sure if that's good or not?
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