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  1. Still haven't figured out why this behaves properly on my main monitor but not on my second monitor.
  2. msmcleod - You are correct! And, it works as it should on my main monitor but, if I try to open them on my second monitor, it still recycles them~ Hmmm, I wonder why that would be? Shouldn't the setting affect both monitors??
  3. On my main studio computer (Dell XPS Tower) when I open a plugin and "Pin" it, it doesn't stay. As soon as I open another plugin, the first one closes. I do have Recycle Plugin Windows unchecked. Pinning does work as it should on my laptop. Any ideas, anyone??
  4. BTW, I remember a time when Sonar advertised a "gapless audio engine". Anybody else remember that?
  5. Bapu Yes, Studio One has been glitchless for me. Cakewalk used to also be glitchless for me, as well. bitflipper I believe it doesn't happen with all plugins. I will try to take note of which ones do it and which ones don't.
  6. Yes, I just learned that this exists in another thread in this forum. The next time it drops out, I will check that.
  7. Thanks, scook. It seems a bit worse lately than normal. I have also been having lots of sporadic dropouts recently. After doing a lot of research with Latency Mon, I ended up changing a couple settings in my nVidia settings and I raised the msec dropout from the default 250 to 350 in the Config File. Also, it appears that I now need to disconnect from the internet while using Cakewalk. I have been using this program since Sonar 1 and, this is the first time I have ever needed to disconnect from the internet during use. I'm not real sure what is going on. (Oh, also, when I am running Studio One, I have none of these issues and do not need to disconnect from the internet. )
  8. If I add a plugin while playback is happening, I am getting a brief glitch/hiccup. Is there any way to prevent this?
  9. Oh, that's disappointing. I guess I was hopeful that progress had been made on this since TB is becoming so popular with the interface makers. Guess I'll be waiting for a while longer.
  10. It appears that many interface makers are switching to Thunderbolt these days. They certainly do seem to have their advantages. I'm just wondering if they are a realistic option with a PC. Are there Thunderbolt cards for PC that are reliable? I know a couple years ago it was pretty much a Mac-only thing. I might be tempted to update my interface to a Thunderbolt one if it's actually a reality now.
  11. OK, so.... I suppose I might as well leave this post as a reference in case someone else might run into the same issue I did. In Preferences>File>Audio Data the Record Bit Depth somehow got set to 16 bit. I didn't change it. Not sure how it got reset. Anyway, I reset it to 24 bit and, so far, all seems well.
  12. OK, thanks. Just out of curiosity, is there any benefit/detriment to rendering at 64 bit at all?
  13. In File >Audio Data what should the Render Bit Depth setting be set at? Mine is at 32 bit. Should it be at 64 bit?
  14. For some reason Cakewalk is suddenly stuck in 16 bit. The Audio Bit Depth setting in Driver Settings is set to 24 bit and is grayed out. It cannot be changed. But, everything I open is showing up as 48000 - 16 bit. I have always recorded ALL my projects at 24 bit. Why would they now be showing up as 16 bit? I am very confused.
  15. martsave martin s - Thanks David Baay - I have tried that and can't seem to get it to work. chuckebaby - Never need to worry about me over quantizing! You know me. You know how I do! Ha ha! Actually, most of my editing is cutting out noise between tom hits or vocal lines. I will occasionally move a drum hit if it's REALLY badly out of time /flamming, etc. Nah, I won't be over quantizing anything.
  16. OK, so, if i select all the drum tracks then hit "s", it does split all selected tracks. That's cool but, I have to select them all each time I want to split. I want to be able to group them all so I can make splits across all drum tracks over and over until I tell it to ungroup. Is there a way to do this?
  17. I want to edit all my drum tracks together. I have been trying to figure out how to group all the tracks/clips so any edit on one simultaneously happens on all. I cannot figure this out. I have read the Help files and tried to set up a clip group but, nothing works. I tried putting them all in a folder thinking that might do it but, it does not. How do I accomplish this??
  18. So, I've been trying to keep up with this thread with the limited time I have available. I can't figure out if it's safe to update or not. Is the new Hotfix now out there and all is well or, is it still a crap shoot?
  19. chuckebaby - I do wish we could turn that thing off! It's constantly in the way and, personally, I haven't figured out what it even does/why it is needed/useful.
  20. So, I took a chance and installed the latest Focusrite driver and.... Everything works just fine! Happy.
  21. When I put in my product, Sacrlett 18i20 gen 2, all it shows me is Focusrite Control 3.4.4 for PC & Mac.
  22. If I am remembering correctly, they used to offer the latest driver and one or two previous drivers. All I see now is just the latest driver in PC an Mac versions. That being the case, how would we even be able to roll back to the previous driver if we experience problems with the latest one?
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