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  1. I've an (formerly) hotmail-Account, it works. First the notifications went into the junk folder, but meanwhile my Mail Apps learned what I wanna read. Cheers 🍻
  2. No. Please Do Not. No 4 is ok
  3. Preview? What Preview? BTW: The background of the start window is a gem. When I first saw it, I thought my display adapter went wrong. Great Idea, like a stage curtain. Cheers 🍺
  4. I have a trackball for graphics and picture editing. But with cake I mostly use a cordless Keyboard and mouse, no probs with room for the mouse, since it's cordless . . . . the more I learn the key shortcuts, the less I need to worry about the mouse . . . Cheers 🍺
  5. Thanks for the cool work Edit: Once I worked an hour with this theme, I really like the accent Colours. Fresh and brisk. Good Job !!!
  6. Just updated Bandlab Assistent to V 5.0.1 No Probs, smooth Cheers 🍺
  7. At the top of the site there is a dropdownmenu next to your username. Choose Account settings, then signature - there is a switcher to show / not show signatures. Did you try that?
  8. Really, you are the best. Just downloaded and installed. Again, Thanks a lot All the best and happy new year Cheers 🍾πŸ₯‚
  9. That's the offer Grandma is waiting for . A wonderful piece of luck. How to employ your service? Cheers 🍺
  10. Clearance? What for? Finally they all come down . . . .
  11. It's the latest banger shit they come up with. I await other producers to catch up. But don't hold your breath !!!! Better learn your craftmanship Jm2C Cheers 🍺
  12. I see. I think it's worth it. The light blue really is a pleasure. Cheers 😎
  13. Got it together with tuncury. So cool. Love it. Thanks a lot Cheers 🍻
  14. For a quick overview I use the "condensed" button - a list without content preview. I like the whitespace. Kind of minimalist, nice and tidy. Happy Holidays Cheers 😎
  15. I would like to record directly into a Matrix Cell sometimes. Now I record something in a track first, drag it to the browser and then drag it to a Cell. I would like to setup my patterns in Matrix first and then afterwards make the recording in the trackview. Happy holidays Cheers 😎
  16. I like the workflow better in Cake. Pro Channel, Inspector, Mix Scenes, Lenses, Multidock . . . S1 is a bit fiddly to me at the left Side (Inspector). What I like best in S1 is the Scratchpad. I never liked the transport bar at the bottom and I miss Punch Markers . . . and so on. It's the amount of such things, you know. And the UI - you have to like it - I prefer the look and feel of Cake. Feature Request: The Matrix thing has been mentioned in the old forum before, but yes, I'll do it. Happy Holidays to all Have good time Cheers πŸ˜‹
  17. I like Cake as it is. Nuff said. Ok, recording directly in Matrix cells would be great, like in Bitwig or Live. But after all, Cake feels great. And works even better. BTW, Bitwig is Linux, too. But you can't really compare Bitwig with Cake. I own S1 too, but I don't need it. And don't really like it. When I had to change, I think Cubase is the competitor. Another Option is Ableton Live.
  18. I see. Looks like a lot of work. But finally it's complete Art-Work that makes sense. Great!! BTW, the vocals are a lasting memory. Wish I could sing like that. Keep up the good work!!
  19. I discovered and - yes it's great. My first move, when I open the forum. Highly appreciated 😊
  20. Wow!! Great!!! Good ol Blues, your voice and guitar - perfect. Together with the Video - outstanding. How did you do the animation?
  21. I make my own play-along tracks to just play around and improvising, I record myself to see what I should work at - kind of a learning tool for practicing and just for fun. And I use it a lot for Video (Sound, music and speech) - That's the production tool.. And, last not least, I love to experiment with styles of music I'm not firm with, i.e. EDM or such things. Just out of curiousity. With SPLAT I made some recordings and mixes with my buddies, but in the last months we did nothing like that.
  22. Same to you I want to apologize for my harsh reactions through our last dialogue in the old Forum. Sorry for my improperly behave, All the best to you, have a good time. Peace πŸ‘Ό
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