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  1. My reason to click (actually double-click!) a synth is to open the synth's GUI (as the title of this thread says) and make some changes there. For me, once the midi arrangement is done, it's done. My reason to open the synth is almost never to work with the midi track (does anyone?), so the jumping is not helpful at all. On the contrary, most of the times I want to continue working on a different track I was working on. A good example is a drum synth - I'm mixing the individual tracks for the synth most of the time (and not arranging midi). I want to open the synth and stay on the track without scrolling up and down all the time. Just one example out of many. I understand we have our own workflows, why I wish it could be possible to open synth without jumping to midi track. Perhaps shift+double-click or something like that.
  2. Please make it possible to be able to click on synth in Synth Rack without having Cakewalk jump to associated midi track. It's so annoying and unnecessary 99% of the times. I asked about this here https://discuss.cakewalk.com/index.php?/topic/40449-open-synth-without-jumping-to-track/&tab=comments#comment-322524 Seems to me it's not possible.
  3. Hi, Is it possible to open a synth in Synth Rack without having Cakewalk jumping to the associated midi track? I find this very annoying, escpecially when I'm working on a different track. Or is it possible to disable this feature?
  4. It probably isn't necessarily about export but just the overall sound. There is no doubt in my mind CbB sounds better/more detailed for whatever reason..
  5. I tried when CbB first came out, but a number of plugins didn't work. Tried again later with same result. Just didn't have time to do more about it. Now it seems to work great 👍
  6. Hi, I have been sticking with SONAR Professional (2017.06), but today I decided to try CbB...I compared by exporting exact same project and found that they sound quite different (I AB'ed). CbB sounds much more open to me and there's more seperation. Could this be true?? export settings (sample rate, bit depth, dithering etc) were the same. Have bandlab been improving this? better summing?
  7. What I mean is if you lose anything when you choose lower watts instead of higher watts. Is there a trade-off?
  8. Wow many replies, thank you very much! The music shops are closed bc of Corona, so this is very helpful. For clarification it's mainly for recording. It's a bedroom studio, but I would like to get fairly pro-sound. From I understand even a 5 watt could be enough?
  9. My next project in my little studio is to get a guitar amp. I read somewhere that a 15 watt is enough (which is good news because they are cheaper). Is this true? Anyone has experience with this? Currently looking at Vox AC15 C1
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