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  1. This is a really good one! Learned something I didn't know about Kontakt's stereo and mono outputs. Will keep this one on my list of repeats. Thanks!
  2. I like that idea. By making it (on/off), you don't have to clutter up the layout any more than necessary.
  3. These are really good! And I learned something (matter of fact a few things)... Keep up the good work. Not sure if these are the same ones that are on the FB forums. If so, I'll like them there also.
  4. I 2nd that! I like the colors between the markers. And if we could choose the colors, that would be even better!
  5. I hear ya @Jim Fogle. I feel the same way about BF. Glad you got it.
  6. @Jim Fogle do you need it now? I mean, we're really close to BF and they usually drop this one as a freebie if you buy something else... if not, ten bucks is still pretty decent for this one as it's got a lot to offer.
  7. Possible, but not probable. It's easier to just post here. I think that's what Chuck E Baby and David Baay were alluding to. On the old forum, there used to be links (and posts) that pointed to things like "CakeTV" and other materials that explained things like this. There is definitely a need to bring those things back (updated of course).
  8. Thanks for that! I was wondering when Steinberg was going to put it out. I have WL9.5 so I'm excited to see what's next... Sad thing is I've just started getting into the new stuff from 9.5 (like the MasterRig and some of the other new tools).. Well.. I'll wait a little, but this may be a near future purchase..
  9. I guess if you're a new user, you're not inclined to RTFM...LOL
  10. I typically turn the track gain down (by a lot) on Zeta+2. You're right. It's quite loud and can really be annoying when you think about it. I would also consider making a track template out of it. You can start with a default setting but turn everything down so it's not jumping out at you. Just a thought.
  11. This 👍👍👍 Pressing "T" gets you the smart tool. Also using the function keys (F5 through F11) will allow you to toggle through the smart tool functionality. I use the PRV all the time for editing and rearranging. This keeps things simple and straightforward. Sure I can double click (or Alt+click), but understanding what the smart tool has to offer speeds things up a bit.
  12. Hi Terry. Mine is set to Cntrl+W. Check and see if yours is the same. I'm not sure if I set that or Cakewalk wayy back when...
  13. Hey Jack, Just saw that OZ9 has a new update 9.02 You might want to check it out..
  14. Hi CDK.. Are you sure you have the echo button on? If not, click that after you've set your midi outs (midi in should be from your controller).
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