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  1. Hi Marco, As others have said, the "record count in" feature is for recording only. Once recording is complete, it reverts back to straight playback (without the count in). One way around this is to record with no count in (using 2 measures as an example). that way when you play back (leaving the metronome on) you get the 2 measure count in. As a bonus, you can turn off the metronome when you want and just have silence before your comp starts..👍
  2. arlen2133

    Waves 24 Hr Secret Sale

    🙄 yeah... Just maybe... 🙄
  3. arlen2133

    Waves 24 Hr Secret Sale

    I got the same email...😟 With the Same "meh" deals... They still want me to pay double... I know... I'll WAIT for the summer sales!! Oh wait.... They're gone... 😟
  4. arlen2133

    Listening to this now

    I agree. I've been watching a show with my wife and daughter that does the same thing... Hate that! 😠
  5. arlen2133

    Listening to this now

    I could sit and listen to that alllllllll day!
  6. arlen2133

    Waves 24 Hr Secret Sale

    Actually the 24th secret sale is more expensive.. 😟 It's like they are trying to make me pay double for missing the last sale... 🙄
  7. arlen2133

    Forum members /home country ?

    California, Inland Empire, Redlands CA.
  8. arlen2133

    Synths don't playback

    I've had times when Absynth 5 does the same thing. What I found it to be (most of the time) is a CC controller (like Modulation) was triggered somehow. This has caused it to "reset" resulting in no sound. I've toggled the preset button to the next one and back the the sound came back. Now, I just add an envelope that keeps the midi control at it's original value (until I'm ready to automate). Hope it helps.
  9. arlen2133

    "Rise" Solo Piano Ballad

    David, Beautiful composition and melody. Really speaks out and I love your playing style. As I typically do my share of midi correcting, I thought I'd be able to hear/feel the "cheat" but I couldn't. The song breathes very nicely and flows very easily. My wife also wanted to hear me play on a piano after having played on "keyboards" for years. Although I didn't get a G3 she found a way to buy, bring in the house (without me seeing and surprise me for my birthday with an "antique" baby grand). I understand the elation. Congrats to you on making beautiful music.
  10. arlen2133

    JBL LSR305 Monitors

    I have the 8" version of these and they are very good. when I bought them (from GC), I was able to listen to them side by side with a bunch of other brands. As I already had a previous pari of JBLs, these were no brainers for me. At $89, they are perfect for someone in need of a solid pair of monitors.
  11. arlen2133

    The longest audio project ever or hold on a second?

    Gives a whole new meaning to the saying "the party ain't over"... 🤣 14,000+ years eh?? Sheesh... And most current songs are boring after the 2nd set of repeats...LOL Where's the break?😋
  12. arlen2133

    Music player for Android (Not Streaming)

    Hey Gly, I have an Android phone (Samsung S9) and I use their media player. You can set up playlists along with using MP3s that contain pictures and the likes. Fairly easy to set up and you can upload your music via USB C directly (no cloud needed). Just a thought...
  13. arlen2133

    OrangeTreeSamples Group Buy!

    Exactly... 🤣
  14. arlen2133

    OrangeTreeSamples Group Buy!

    Now you sound like me Larry (talking to myself)...LOL I'm probably NOT going to stop buying stuff.. I'm just learning to be a little more "judicious" when I do.. 🙄
  15. arlen2133

    OrangeTreeSamples Group Buy!

    Hey Larry, This is what it said on the group buy rules... The group buy signup period lasts until July 22nd (at 8 AM PDT), after which you have until August 12th (at 8 AM PDT) to complete your purchase. Of course, if we reach the highest tier before then, you'll be able to check out early.