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  1. Assignable Controls created for a synth in the Synth Rack should be recalled every time the synth is inserted again. This is true when inserted again from the Synth Rack, but when inserting the synth either from the Add Track button in the top left corner of the Track View, or a Track Template with that synth and the Assignable Controls already created, no controls show. I also find annoying that Remote Control setup for the Assignable Controls created is lost even when they are recalled properly, but I believe that this has been so for ages, i.e. this is a non feature rather than a bug. It would be great that Remote Control data could be saved with Track Templates. I found out this when trying to find a way to control the macro knobs of the new NI Massive X from my master keyboard. It is already clunky from Native Instruments side, since actual midi learn for the synth has not been implemented yet, but also having to assign them to the 16 knobs in my master keyboard every time I insert the synth is a real pain. I tried with Z3TA+2, too, just to be sure, same results.
  2. Ok, so what you actually need is muting the midi data in Track View while you audition your loops in Matrix View. If you use a single Instrument track you cannot mute it because you also mute the Matrix View output. You would need to split the Instrument track and mute just the midi track that contains the Track View data. Create another midi track pointing to the same instrument and set it up as output for the Matrix View. That way you have two midi tracks that output to your Instrument, and its single (or multiple if needed) audio output track . You just mute the Track view track when you want to audition your loops.
  3. Then I don't understand you. You say that you want to mute the Matrix View clip so it does not sound at the same time as notes in the midi track that is assigned to the same Matrix View row. If you mute it you are not using it.
  4. Edit: Nevermind, I get it now. Why don't you just stop the Matrix View clip?
  5. I use hardware synths, too, so my template includes a number of midi only tracks. This is why I tend to split single instrument tracks as soon as the project has reached a certain size and keep midi and audio tracks separate.
  6. Yep, that's it. Thanks for checking.
  7. Maybe I did not explain it well. When I first open Cakewalk, if I go to Open Existing Project it does open the right directory, but if I close a project after, fox example, dragging a track template into it from the Browser and try to open a new project, it then shows the directory where the track templates are, not the Projects directory.
  8. I have noticed that the Open Project command now opens the explorer in the last directory used in the browser, instead of in the Projects directory. Just reselecting the Project directory tab at the bottom goes back to the right place, so this is not a big deal, but it is a bit annoying. Does this happen to anyone else?
  9. Mooer Radar with Acoustic Guitar IR The above video shows the Mooer Radar, that is a guitar pedal for loading Cab IR, loaded with several acoustic guitar body IR and its sound with a piezo.
  10. But you have written your share of manuals, too, haven't you? Have you decided that NOT writing manuals is better for the business?
  11. I don't get what you mean. You can audition both audio and MIDI from CbB browser, and you could in Sonar, too, since ages ago. The only limitation I find is that for MIDI you can only select a VSTi as output, and not a hardware external port.
  12. Don't worry about that. Snarky remarks to people trying to help you will make you ignored pretty fast.
  13. That would be great. But it also would be great that it actually played the sample to finish if so desired. I have noticed that it goes back to the beginning after five minutes or so.
  14. I now see what you want. The reason why people do not understand you is probably because what you want is of little actual musical use. Butting up together a bunch of samples of arbitrary length does not give a result related to the musical timeline, so it is a feature that I guess most people, myself included, would actually find no use for. Anyway, I would suggest that you tried again with the Matrix View. It is not about a certain genre of music, but about firing samples, either looped, or unlooped. You can do what you seem to want to do pretty easily with it, and record the result when you are happy with it.
  15. It is not clear what you want to do that you cannot do already. You select all your clips and you can either bounce them to a single clip, or move them around, or audition the selection...
  16. Ok, so it seems that somehow I've kept my user name through all changes.
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