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  1. Melodyne used to do that too, but I think they fixed that.
  2. I quantize some things. More on the electronic side. I never quantize Piano as it all but eliminates grace notes. Also, certain bass runs don't work well either, as do guitar leads. Both of those tend to have quick grace notes. Also, find one guitar player that plays a lead RIGHT on the grid. You lose the soul when you do that. (BTW: I'm talking MIDI guitar...using Shreddage).
  3. Two comments...first on your other post that talked about 1803 vs 1809 Win10...1803 is no longer being withheld for MOST people. The file deletion issue only affected people who relocated their Documents / Music / Video etc. libraries from their default locations. This has been fixed. If you still don't have 1809, it is likely you have iCloud installed. MS is withholding the update for people that have iCloud installed until MS and Apple can figure out why 1809 breaks iCloud. Now, the other comments....you said that iCloud is only necessary if you are collaborating and sharing files between a Windows computer and a MAC. Again, this is not true. iCloud is handy for people with an iPhone or iPad who takes video / pictures. Having iCloud on your PC allows you to use File Explorer on your Windows PC to browse any pictures or Video you may have taken with your iPhone / iPad. (Assuming you have your Apple device set to sync to iCloud). This is the easiest way to get a video off your iPhone to your Windows computer. I do this all the time as I am also a video editor that uses Vegas Pro 16. Keep in mind, even if you have iCloud on your PC, you can FORCE 1809 by downloading it directly from MS site. It will warn you that you have incompatible software first.
  4. What was said (I believe Steev) about OneDrive automatically backing up boot records is not true. The ONLY thing OneDrive backs up automatically is your Documents, Pictures and Desktop folders...and ONLY if you specify it to do so. You can enable the folder protection feature by going into OneDrive settings on Windows 10 and navigating to the Auto Save tab and hitting the update folders button under protect your important folders. It will NOT back up PST files or OneNote files that you may have in those locations. (Note OneDrive is not the same as OneSync. OneSync also does not backup things like boot records, etc. It only backs up things like settings and files you specify in a repository to allow multiple PCs you may own to "be in sync.")
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