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  1. Hi! I already made this request a long time ago but no modification in this direction 😒
  2. Thank you ! Here is a link to our first album with the song Lady Alibi but since then there have been changes in singers, we only have one singer, Agnès. https://music.youtube.com/playlist?list=OLAK5uy_klBiVH7D97kYQgywgOEMEXB3Ml9NyVC1Y
  3. Hello! Here is our new composition: Cut my wings. Good listening Jean-Philippe
  4. Certainly, on my PC it is indeed a .DLL file
  5. The PC2A is in Cakewalk since this release
  6. I have the feeling that for some people hibernation is over.
  7. In your opinion, since all software contains bugs, it should be free? Funny reasoning, go explain that to SAP, Microsoft etc...
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