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  1. We just have to hope that it is still possible ...
  2. Hello ! Be able to use the mono sound card outputs when using external effects. Example: If I use the left output of a stereo pair for a mono external effect, the right output of that same stereo pair can be used for another mono effect. Thank you
  3. Hello ! Is it normal that when using the external effects, the sound card outputs are seen as a stereo pair even though the track is mono? Thank you
  4. Hello ! Thank you for this release. [SOLVED] With the rebuild 2, I don't see the PC2A T-Type Leveling Amplifier in Prochannel modules.
  5. Hi @Noel Borthwick! Sorry, I hadn't read everything of the release note
  6. Indeed, I did not have this function in version 2020.9 Build 006. But I thought it was new in version 2020.10
  7. Hi ! When i drag and drop an audio clip to a midi track, i don't have the popup with the selection of algorithm. Only this one. I use Melodyne essential Thank you
  8. @Nigel Mackay it's a problem with the French version. with the english version it's ok
  9. Hy, When I want to exit the folder locations window I have this error Thank you
  10. I see a negative value in the arrangement reader, maybe this is the problem?
  11. @Noel Borthwick Audio Driver mode : ASIO (VS-700 R) Audio buffer size : 5,8 msec (256 samples) MIDI Playback buffer size : 200 msec Playback I/O buffer size : 128 (read), 128 (rec) Playback works normally if i don't use arrangement for the read. After to use of the arrangement reader, the normal playback start but without sound
  12. Hello, I have a problem with the arrangements. I created 3 sections with only Addictives Drums 2 like Vsti. I organize the sections in one arrangement in ABCB. In playback of the arrangement, the sound of the first section plays well and then cuts off just before the start of the second, playback continues but without sound even in normal playback mode. I have to open the project again to find the sound. Thanks for your help.
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