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  1. Root canals make the teeth brittle, and then they break or have some other terminal problem. 2-3 years ago I had #14 (top, fifth one from the front) removed. A bridge won't work, and they wanted $US 4,500.00 out of pocket for an implant. I haven't decided to do it. It's uncomfortable having the gap, and I can't really chew on that side. Tezza - I saw a specialist who seems well equipped. They'd need to build up the bone first before putting in the screw. That might be why it's so expensive. In 2003 I had a ladder accident that left one of my top two front teeth sensitive. That would have been a show stopper if I was still playing the clarinet. Fortunately I'd already switched to flute.
  2. You run the installer, and then it asks for your user ID and password. Then it loads the presets.
  3. Yeah, I definitely agree that you should talk to your doctor about it. And even though it might be hard (it was for me), it would be good to stop caffeine, at least for a while.
  4. Essential tremor runs in my family, so I figured that's what I had. Maybe I do have that, but I got diagnosed with Parkinson's last year, and tremor is one of its worst symptoms. Generally if the tremor affects both sides, it's more likely to be essential tremor. Mine affects my right side more than the left. It affects my woodwind playing more than my keyboard, and on the computer, it affects mouse usage more than keyboard. Whether it's essential tremor, Parkinson's, or just nerves, the usual drug is Propranolol (Inderal). It really helps, and for me anyway it doesn't have bad side effects. I've heard that plenty of professional musicians take it before performances.
  5. I assume you're referring to the backup scheme. I always choose Single Version Scheme. And I always choose Do not schedule. I have to select these options every time, since my choices aren't saved between sessions. I suspect that if my choices were saved, I wouldn't be having the problems.
  6. I'm still using the 2016 version, and I hate it because of the bugs. Maybe some of my problems are caused by trying to prevent it from doing backups whenever it wants. I turn off scheduling and stop the scheduler service, but that doesn't seem to convince it. And when I start the program, it immediately gets busy updating one of my existing backups. (My solution to that is make them read-only.) It's probably the buggiest program I've ever had on a personal computer, and I don't feel like paying them for another set of hassles. I am alone, or has it improved?
  7. Mitch_I

    NI updates

    Just installed the 1.3.1 update for Massive X. Here's the list of changes. Looks like no new presets. Massive X 1.3.1 - 2020-08-20 ADDED A scrollbar is now visible to the right when scrolling through menu categories if they exceed the menu size ADDED A scrollbar is now available for scrolling through the content result list in context menus IMPROVED Parameter Readouts: Anima Rate, Flanger Time, SVF Parallel/Serial Bandwidth, Chorus/Phaser/Flanger Rate, WT OSC Standard mode Phase control, Chorus Time L1/2 R1/2 in manual mode, Comb AP Freq/LP Freq in Fix Mode IMPROVED Smoother-looking modulation rings for big parameter knobs CHANGED User presets are now saved in a dedicated 'Presets' subfolder in the user content directory FIXED Dropping a preset onto the Massive X GUI loads the preset only in this instance FIXED Various issues with text input fields FIXED The Start/Phase knob on the Noise Player keeps correct values when the mode is changed while a macro is assigned to it FIXED VST Massive X GUI is displayed correctly in Maschine Plug-in Strip in Mix View when Maschine is hosted FIXED Menus with icons open when the icon is clicked FIXED Readouts for Stereo Delay's Time parameter are displayed correctly KNOWN ISSUE FL Studio 20.5 VST: when loading a preset the interface will shrink. Fix: update to FL Studio 20.6 or higher
  8. My sister was 13 when she was diagnosed with diabetes. She knew that if she wanted to stay alive, she'd have to give herself a shot every day. Nowadays she wears an insulin pump. Congratulations on your survival and recovery.
  9. BTW if you plan to see a doctor about these matters, it's nice to be able to describe your situation in terms of the Bristol stool scale. I won't add a graphic. Google it or check Wikipedia.
  10. Thanks for pointing that out. The UI looks different on my system, but I see how to do it. Anyway, I tried the update again today, and it worked. BandLab Assistant correctly indicated that my Cakewalk wasn't updated and proceeded to update it. The cause must have been the back-end problem mentioned in another topic. Apps & Features still shows BandLab Assistant 5.0.6 and 5.2.0. Maybe it doesn't matter.
  11. I think I have a slightly different version of the rabbit hole. I use Edge to download the BandLab Assistant exe to a folder on my D drive. That's OK. But when I run the bandlab-assistant-windows-latest.exe (as administrator), I get "Windows Defender Firewall has blocked some features of this app." That seems harmless, since I can click "Allow access." I can get past that and sign in to BandLab. But then it tells me that Cakewalk is up to date. (The Cakewalk About box says 2020.04.) Maybe the problem is that in Apps & Features, I can't uninstall BandLab Assistant 5.0.6. When I try to, it uninstalls 5.2.0. If I try again to uninstall 5.0.6, I get "Windows cannot find "C:\Users\Myname\AppData\Local\Programs\bandlab-assistant\Uninstall Bandlab Assistant.exe." And when I look for that file in File Explorer, it's not there. Any suggestions?
  12. Translation: I just bought the Behringer UNC202 HD interface, and I can't make it record with Cakewalk. I already installed the interface drive [maybe CD?]. I installed Asio4all, and when I try to record, the program gives me this error message: "It was not possible to open the audio recording device. The device doesn't support the current audio format or it is in use." Please, I need help.
  13. Check out The Case Against Free Will by David Lieberman. Also think of the brain as a computer, with inputs and processing. The inputs are your experience. The processing is either built in or based on your experience.
  14. BTW "Téléchargez les instruments et samples créés par nos stagiaires" means "Download the instruments and samples created by our trainees."
  15. In Spanish-speaking countries it's Tuesday the 13th that's the bad-luck day. Not sure what to conclude from that.
  16. My antivirus (NOD Eset32) won't let me open that web page. Threat found.
  17. I've gotten used to putting little bits of black electric tape on LEDs. Even my acoustic piano has one. But I leave the yellow (add water) LED uncovered. You can always take them off for troubleshooting.
  18. The problem with the silent track I mentioned is still in the original song, but I can't reproduce it in other songs. BTW I noticed that while patch names are displayed in Massive X when the song is saved and reopened, the preset's category is lost. It's always "All Types." Also, in a saved and reopened file, there's always an asterisk by the preset name. I guess that means the patch has been changed, but I don't see it until I save the song and reopen it.
  19. Plus some new factory presets. Among other fixes, it displays envelopes graphically and saves preset names. I tested this in Cakewalk. Edit: I layered two instances, but only one plays after I save, close, and reopen the file. Tried it with another file, and it works OK. Anybody else?
  20. Translation: I have a Presonus Fire Studio card with Cakewalk, and the audio engine keeps stopping and it doesn't let me do anything. The latency and setup are correct, and I've tried 20 times. Is something like this happening to anybody else? My PC is an i5 with 16MB RAM.
  21. I'm a little disappointed with this update. It didn't fix the problems that were bothering me: - When you reopen a Cakewalk project file, the MX preset name isn't displayed. The workaround (close the MX UI and reopen it) doesn't work for me. - The user preset folder doesn't support subfolders. - Only a few pieces of the manual are available. NI seems to be working on these issues, so I guess we just need patience.
  22. In December 2017, I bought a package from Magix with Samplitude and SpectraLayers. I also have Sound Forge. Intrusive ads and saturation marketing are some of the reasons I wish I had never dealt with Magix.
  23. Every time I started Windows, I got a huge ad from Magix. Changing settings in Windows Notifications didn't touch it. Hitting the monitor with my fist didn't help either. Here's what did. Start -> Administrative Tools -> Task Scheduler. Click Task Scheduler Library (on left). Find Connect on the right and click it. Optional - open Connect and look at the Actions. You'll see ...MAGIX\Connect... Right-click Connect and select Disable. Is there a better subforum for this kind of tip? If there is, I hope the forum admins will move it there.
  24. I have a niece about that age who was diagnosed about a year ago. She lives in a big city with a university hospital where she sees a specialist. She injects a drug that doesn't cure it but slows down the progress. It seems to be working. She's had a few bad days, but mostly she's holding steady and is still playing hockey. I was really sad to learn of her diagnosis, since I had a friend who passed away from MS. But I learned that nowadays far more MS people lead more or less normal lives for many years.
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