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  1. I'm a little disappointed with this update. It didn't fix the problems that were bothering me: - When you reopen a Cakewalk project file, the MX preset name isn't displayed. The workaround (close the MX UI and reopen it) doesn't work for me. - The user preset folder doesn't support subfolders. - Only a few pieces of the manual are available. NI seems to be working on these issues, so I guess we just need patience.
  2. In December 2017, I bought a package from Magix with Samplitude and SpectraLayers. I also have Sound Forge. Intrusive ads and saturation marketing are some of the reasons I wish I had never dealt with Magix.
  3. Every time I started Windows, I got a huge ad from Magix. Changing settings in Windows Notifications didn't touch it. Hitting the monitor with my fist didn't help either. Here's what did. Start -> Administrative Tools -> Task Scheduler. Click Task Scheduler Library (on left). Find Connect on the right and click it. Optional - open Connect and look at the Actions. You'll see ...MAGIX\Connect... Right-click Connect and select Disable. Is there a better subforum for this kind of tip? If there is, I hope the forum admins will move it there.
  4. I have a niece about that age who was diagnosed about a year ago. She lives in a big city with a university hospital where she sees a specialist. She injects a drug that doesn't cure it but slows down the progress. It seems to be working. She's had a few bad days, but mostly she's holding steady and is still playing hockey. I was really sad to learn of her diagnosis, since I had a friend who passed away from MS. But I learned that nowadays far more MS people lead more or less normal lives for many years.
  5. I recently had a small version of the "uncategorised" part of your problem. I installed a new VST synth and then found it in Uncategorized. I wanted to move it to Synth, but my old method didn't work. I didn't want to set up a custom layout, because then I'd have to manually move every new VST into it. So I closed CbB and opened Sonar. I moved the new VST to the Synth category and closed Sonar. Then I reopened CbB and saw that the new VST was in Synth, where I wanted it.
  6. Oops. You're right. Your post was even more helpful than I thought.
  7. I hit the Windows key and type winver.
  8. Very helpful post! I wonder when the KB will be incorporated into 1903. Maybe never. I plan to install 1903 tomorrow, so I'll plan on applying the KB.
  9. Only one other Turtle Beach owner? Mine had RAM to load in samples for sample-based soft synths. Unfortunately, it loaded them in at MIDI speed. I used that feature twice.
  10. I also get the crash when I try to insert the VST3 version of Thorn in Cakewalk. And I still have the problem of double notes unless I uncheck "Enable MIDI Output" in the Insert Soft Synth Options dialog. I don't see these problems in Cubase 9.5, so I guess they're Cakewalk-specific. BTW to bring in my customized Thorn patches from the previous version, I had to copy them from \Documents\Dmitry Sches\Thorn\Plug-In Presets to \Documents\DS Audio\DS Thorn\Plug-In Presets.
  11. In English: 1. I'd like to know if they're going to open a forum in Spanish for the Latino community. 2. In the old Cakewalk by Gibson I can't access my account. When I get to the page where they send me email to generate a new password, nothing happens. Can you help me? Thanks a lot for your help.
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