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  1. BTW "Téléchargez les instruments et samples créés par nos stagiaires" means "Download the instruments and samples created by our trainees."
  2. In Spanish-speaking countries it's Tuesday the 13th that's the bad-luck day. Not sure what to conclude from that.
  3. My antivirus (NOD Eset32) won't let me open that web page. Threat found.
  4. I've gotten used to putting little bits of black electric tape on LEDs. Even my acoustic piano has one. But I leave the yellow (add water) LED uncovered. You can always take them off for troubleshooting.
  5. The problem with the silent track I mentioned is still in the original song, but I can't reproduce it in other songs. BTW I noticed that while patch names are displayed in Massive X when the song is saved and reopened, the preset's category is lost. It's always "All Types." Also, in a saved and reopened file, there's always an asterisk by the preset name. I guess that means the patch has been changed, but I don't see it until I save the song and reopen it.
  6. Plus some new factory presets. Among other fixes, it displays envelopes graphically and saves preset names. I tested this in Cakewalk. Edit: I layered two instances, but only one plays after I save, close, and reopen the file. Tried it with another file, and it works OK. Anybody else?
  7. Translation: I have a Presonus Fire Studio card with Cakewalk, and the audio engine keeps stopping and it doesn't let me do anything. The latency and setup are correct, and I've tried 20 times. Is something like this happening to anybody else? My PC is an i5 with 16MB RAM.
  8. I'm a little disappointed with this update. It didn't fix the problems that were bothering me: - When you reopen a Cakewalk project file, the MX preset name isn't displayed. The workaround (close the MX UI and reopen it) doesn't work for me. - The user preset folder doesn't support subfolders. - Only a few pieces of the manual are available. NI seems to be working on these issues, so I guess we just need patience.
  9. In December 2017, I bought a package from Magix with Samplitude and SpectraLayers. I also have Sound Forge. Intrusive ads and saturation marketing are some of the reasons I wish I had never dealt with Magix.
  10. Every time I started Windows, I got a huge ad from Magix. Changing settings in Windows Notifications didn't touch it. Hitting the monitor with my fist didn't help either. Here's what did. Start -> Administrative Tools -> Task Scheduler. Click Task Scheduler Library (on left). Find Connect on the right and click it. Optional - open Connect and look at the Actions. You'll see ...MAGIX\Connect... Right-click Connect and select Disable. Is there a better subforum for this kind of tip? If there is, I hope the forum admins will move it there.
  11. I have a niece about that age who was diagnosed about a year ago. She lives in a big city with a university hospital where she sees a specialist. She injects a drug that doesn't cure it but slows down the progress. It seems to be working. She's had a few bad days, but mostly she's holding steady and is still playing hockey. I was really sad to learn of her diagnosis, since I had a friend who passed away from MS. But I learned that nowadays far more MS people lead more or less normal lives for many years.
  12. I recently had a small version of the "uncategorised" part of your problem. I installed a new VST synth and then found it in Uncategorized. I wanted to move it to Synth, but my old method didn't work. I didn't want to set up a custom layout, because then I'd have to manually move every new VST into it. So I closed CbB and opened Sonar. I moved the new VST to the Synth category and closed Sonar. Then I reopened CbB and saw that the new VST was in Synth, where I wanted it.
  13. Oops. You're right. Your post was even more helpful than I thought.
  14. I hit the Windows key and type winver.
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