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  1. Hey guys! Wanted to share with you my latest tracks I made in Cakewalk! Have a great day and thanks!
  2. I had issue with new update. Previously I never had this and all updates was smooth without any errors. Even when press "Cancel installation" it mess something out and it no longer allow to rollback to previous install via provided here rollback installer. For me helped only full uninstall from Control Panel and reinstall from BandLab app from scratch. There definitely something changed in Update 1 installer or in 2021 build as previously never happened this. I saw in Facebook Cakewalk groups that some other people had same issue. Hope this information will help. Thanks guys. 👌
  3. Hey guys! Dont forget to vote for the best DAW of 2020 - Cakewalk by Bandlab! https://www.musictech.net/features/awards/best-daw-2020/
  4. Hey. You mean latest version of Sonar or latest version of Cakewalk by Bandlab?
  5. Just updated Assistant from 4 to 5 for 49 EUR. Seem those Editor and Studio versions are kinda expensive for update indeed. I think best time for updating/upgrading Editor/Studio versions is November-December when Celemony discounts their products to up to 50%.
  6. Im using since 2015 LG 34'' ultrawide 21:9 3440:1440 monitor and to be honest its perfect aspect ratio and workplace dimension for me. There are now some even more monstrous monitors like 49inch Dell :https://www.lg.com/us/monitors/lg-49WL95C-W-ultrawide-monitor but it will cost huge amount of money (1.5k USD). In 2015 when I bought mine it was very rare to see people using UltraWide monitors, but nowadays it become very popular due to its 21:9 aspect ratio.
  7. Indeed! Same here. Cakewalk is incredible DAW and I try to recommend and tell about Cakewalk when there are some DAW discussions. Sadly is that a lot of people even doesnt know about Cakewalk and only remember Sonar and know as much as nothing about new Cakewalk by Bandlab!
  8. Just completed our troubleshooting about my issue with project unable to load. Big thanks to @Noel Borthwick for helping! All users with WAVES OVOX plugin caution! Do not update OVOX to latest version as it not works in Cakewalk! Its WAVES issue, they know about it and they are working onn solution. From Waves Ovox page: Hope it will help others too.
  9. I hope rollback will work for you Johnny. As for me its not worked at all. Actually its first time for me with so horrible experience with update! I will now make system restore point manually next time they will make update for sure as I really not interested to loose my projects. I very hope they will fix it as its a lot of time spend there and I need it! Here you can see in there link to rollback:
  10. Hi. After today update to this latest version I cannot anymore open my project file. It shows that it loads project plugins on that little blue info bar but it hangs on ''Opening Project'' state. I tried that rollback installer to previous cakewalk version, but now project wont open even on that previous version. I also tried to remove Cakewalk and reinstall it from Bandlab again, but it not open my project anymore... I had tried to open my project backup file which was saved earlier and it not opening same. My other projeects aree opening and working. Only this particular one project. Cakewalk not showing any errors, it just freezes and not reesponding. There is something definitely messed with that new update. Its totaly screwed my project that I worked for 3 months! Can someone from devs help me? Its very important to me. I can send my project to devs if need too. Thanks
  11. Greetings guys! Just wanted to tell that Cakewalk by Bandlab is just the best DAW now on the entire market! I want to tell biggest thanks and regards to all Cakewalk by Bandlab developer team for supporting and bringing new updates, bug fixes and improvements to this incredible DAW and keepeng it alive! Keep doing what you do and all the best to all dev team and all Cakewalk by Bandlab and all that hard work they involve to bring us this stunning product! Happy New Year and wishing a great NEW decade for Cakewalk! For what we got, I think this DAW will became very popular among musicians or producers as its top of the line product! Thanks and best wishes, Andris
  12. Thank you! Second question - does in your Cakewalk By Bandlab in PlugIn Manager in VST3 effects section - Drum Replacer VST3 is as excluded and hided plugin? I tried enable it, but is crash all program if I try to add it in FX bin...
  13. Is there any possibility to get or purchase Cakewalk Concrete Limiter? Or are there any other ProChannel modules are available which are not bundled with Cakewalk by Bandlab? ProChanel is so powerful and handy thing. Its awesome!
  14. Greetings. Found thing, in project after making Bounce to Clips for audio track, All current VSTi instruments are messed with each other and MIDI track are messed too. Like for example I have in project 3 Massive X and 2 Diva plugins as Instrumernt tracks (Massive X 1, Massive X 2, Massive X 3, Diva 1, Diva 2 ... etc). After I bounce to clips audio track clips in other audio track (not related to those VSTi), all those instruments became complete messed. For example when clicking on instrument icon in track view it oppens not Massive X 1 but for example Massive X 3 or Diva.. etc. Its very annoying, as as a solution I found only way is to create new same VSTi instuments and Drag and drop all data from tracks to new ones and delete those messed instruments (Delete but leave related tracks and after instruments deleted from Synth Rack you can delete those instrument tracks...)
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