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  1. Thank you! Second question - does in your Cakewalk By Bandlab in PlugIn Manager in VST3 effects section - Drum Replacer VST3 is as excluded and hided plugin? I tried enable it, but is crash all program if I try to add it in FX bin...
  2. Is there any possibility to get or purchase Cakewalk Concrete Limiter? Or are there any other ProChannel modules are available which are not bundled with Cakewalk by Bandlab? ProChanel is so powerful and handy thing. Its awesome!
  3. Greetings. Found thing, in project after making Bounce to Clips for audio track, All current VSTi instruments are messed with each other and MIDI track are messed too. Like for example I have in project 3 Massive X and 2 Diva plugins as Instrumernt tracks (Massive X 1, Massive X 2, Massive X 3, Diva 1, Diva 2 ... etc). After I bounce to clips audio track clips in other audio track (not related to those VSTi), all those instruments became complete messed. For example when clicking on instrument icon in track view it oppens not Massive X 1 but for example Massive X 3 or Diva.. etc. Its very annoying, as as a solution I found only way is to create new same VSTi instuments and Drag and drop all data from tracks to new ones and delete those messed instruments (Delete but leave related tracks and after instruments deleted from Synth Rack you can delete those instrument tracks...)
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