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  1. I'm extremely pleased to hear that you are "still alive" as that's mandatory to enjoying life I will most certainly PM you with any Gremlins I find or what I perceive to be so. It seem to me the best procedure is to simplify the .cwp by removing all MIDI and none needed audio clips and saving this as a striped down version of the project in a different folder before conversion. I will test further as I have only converted 3 projects but I have notice that some buss's are converted into a Reaper folder with child tracks and some are interpreted as independent tracks, all of theses buss's have tracks routed to them so not sure what significant difference there is to make this so. When all said and done this is a remarkable achievement... well done! and thank you for sharing.👍
  2. Finally found time to convert unfinished cakewalk projects to reaper using "ReaCWP 0.0r2b51". I converted two projects and was amazed at what it can do. Wonder if this is still being actively developed as I have about 20 projects I wish to transfer
  3. Thanks for that, bit of a bummer but at least I know now.
  4. Has anyone done this? Is it even possible. I can't get cakewalk to show up in reapers FX rewire list Is there something I need to firstly do in cakewalk for it to show up in Reaper? Thanks
  5. Thanks scook I did mean Z3ta+2 and forgot to add Rapture what a shame and a waste as I still find this trio awesome regardless of the DAW I'm using
  6. I keep getting asked by new users in my town if DimPro and Z3ta will ever come back. anyone with knowledge on this subject?
  7. If you still have your old computer look in programdata/cakewalk/command centre/downloads folder, DimPro should be there along with all the other bibs and bobs. I've save this complete folder so I have a backup. hth
  8. BENT

    No  key binding shift key.

    Setting up a PCR-500 for my key bindings and don't want to designate a MIDI Key or Controller as a shift key... Is this posible? Thanks
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