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  1. Friend, in the picture it is more than evident that cakewalk has the smallest faders graphically. This for users of other Daw is especially annoying since they are used to visualize their fader with more precision because it is larger. Although the precision is the same it is graphically uncomfortable. Most Daw have that going for them and you've seen this review on various cakewalk forums. About the Side Chain I mean the ease of linking plugin from its interface to sidechain mode. In Cakewalk it is more difficult because it is not in sight. Then I send a screenshot for you to watch.
  2. I would love a change in the size of the console faders for the next version. We need bigger faders like other Daw's like Cubase, Sequoia, Fl Studio etc. It would be a very positive development in the workflow and the visual interface. Another important improvement is the ease of working directly with Side Chain from the plugins inserted in the channel, as Sequoia does for example. At Cakewalk finding the Sidechain is not in sight as it should be. This is something that colleagues working on other Daws have criticized. Thank you, Cakewalk is my Daw for more of 10 years.
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