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  1. Laughed at "already have cool stuff lol".
  2. TTS-1 is really the only solution in the box for opening up multi-timbral General Midi (GM) song files... And it usually does that quite well. However, I would use other sound sources if I was creating something from scratch though... AIR Xpand!2 is a good budget starting point for sketching a new composition. Quite a variety of instruments, and the quality usually exceeds that of TTS-1. It even offers 4 part multi-timbral use. Not GM, though. But insert 4 instances, and you have 16 channels of MIDI to work with.
  3. Agreed. I think I will finish the learning v4 from the courses I bought for that, before upgrading to v5. Patience is a virtue!
  4. Yes, the 10GB extra samples are not locked to Iris 2. Use them anywhere!
  5. That's a lot of what Luftrum, the sound designer does. This was just an example of his work and it shows off nicely the capability of spectral filtering, which is Iris unique skill set. But you can make any type of sounds that your samples will accommodate, plus the standard analog oscillator waveforms are included: sine, saw, triangle, square, pulse, and noise. You have four wave slots to work with so you could mix and match osc and samples to make a hybrid of your samples and standard osc. Plus in addition to the core factory presets, Iris 2 comes with a 10 GB sample library (without presets) that you can use any way you want to create your own sounds. It's an interesting sound design toolbox. 😁
  6. Just do it! LOL! Then get this sound pack from Luftrum, https://www.luftrum.com/luftrum10 For $23, that is an amazing upgrade!
  7. Check your email for 'sent from' "jrrshop.com - sales". I did and everything that I have bought from them has been successfully registered with the vendors. But I really hope that Plugin Boutique doesn't ever go away. I have a crap ton of installer instructions and download links in there... 😁
  8. Studio One v5 looks promising, but think I will wait for the first update before messing with it... 😁
  9. You have to de-authorize an activation from your old machine with the vendor using their process BEFORE uninstalling or decommissioning the old install on the previous machine. Process varies by vendor. This frees up the used number of activations with the vendor. But then you will have to run the plugin installer again from scratch on the new machine and authorize it all over again. No copying files and registry keys... if only it were that simple!
  10. They install side by side so no loss of DAW. But back up copies of your v4 projects because once saved in v5, they cannot be used in v4 again.
  11. Just to be clear, Rapture and Rapture Session/Pro are completely different products. The fist Rapture (classic) was available in Sonar 7 thru X1 as an LE version (the full version was available for sale as a standalone), and then the full version was bundled with X2 thru Platinum. Rapture Pro was a completely reworked product that combined Dimension Pro and Rapture. It was never bundled with Sonar, but the Rapture Session was. Session was intended to be a step up freebie that would import your Dimension Pro, Rapture (classic), and Sound Center presets. Session is still a nice player/librarian for those sounds.
  12. I believe Rapture Session was included to replace the aging Sound Center...
  13. The easiest thing would probably be to just run the installer for Sonar X3 and use the selective install (I forgot the exact name, advanced or something) so that you can set it for just the plugins you want, and not the Sonar application. That way you can avoid uninstalling and reinstalling CbB.
  14. One thing in this discussion that is not entirely clear to me is whether you are trying to record a MIDI track, or the audio output from the drum VST to an audio track? Both are possible, but the recording methods are each unique in their approach.
  15. I have the whole AIR collection. There is a lot of value in there. It was once an exclusive for Pro Tools users, but now available as VST and AU plugins. Obviously needs a facelift, but for the price hard to quibble over details... Buy them piecemeal, or as collections, which is the best bang for the buck!
  16. You can get Reason 11 Intro at JRR for $88.11 with discount code "forum". Plugin and standalone. 10 instruments. https://www.jrrshop.com/propellerhead-reason-intro
  17. iZotope VocalSynth 2 is 75% off for $49 at PluginBoutique. https://www.pluginboutique.com/product/2-Effects/54-Vocal-Processing/4413-VocalSynth-2 Of course Waves Morphoder is on sale for $29.99 but not at PB. https://www.waves.com/plugins/morphoder And the TAL Vocoder is still a free download. https://tal-software.com/products/tal-vocoder
  18. I think that for that price everyone should get a copy. Nice sounding hybrid synth, that comes with a large preset library. But it's no longer "The Next Generation in Synthesis". Interface needs a facelift, and a scalable one at that. But otherwise it's still a very good sound tool. 👍
  19. I ran across those a few years ago. 😁 Very cool for experimental sounds. It's amazing how you can mangle sounds with them. For example, just try running a drum track through them. You can get some very weird spacey effects. Also try with some normal instrument sounds and you can get some very unpredictable results. Fun stuff!
  20. Good idea! I decided to grab another sound pack for Chromaphone for $19. Was planning to do that anyway. Thanks for reminding me that the sale was still on! Will take a look at the Reason Rack plugin for free.
  21. I got a free code for Reason Lite last year that was bundled with a piece of hardware. I ended up uninstalling it. If I was really interested, I would step up to Reason Intro.
  22. abacab

    Xchange Collections

    I have always wondered about that. Since Gibson shut down Cakewalk, I don't believe that it's been possible to register legacy Cakewalk products. BandLab has not released anything but the DAW to this point.
  23. The issue with XLN is that if your Windows machine ID changes, then it looks like you are using a different computer that has not been activated with XLN yet. Usually a quick fix, Nothing running in the background like some other protection schemes. Just the XLN Installer that you run on demand. But you will need to sign in to your XLN Audio account on the web to adjust your computer activations.
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