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  1. I like the Cakewalk interface. There is nothing about it that is hindering me in any way. I dont even think about it, which is the best comment I can give on a GUI. It just works.
  2. @msmcleod I did a clean install a while back and the gate is there as described.
  3. I think its a nice idea to think about the different areas where selling music might be an option, your list is great for thinking outside the box so to speak.
  4. Best thing is to realize that nobody really cares that much about music these days. There is just WAY too much out there now. Just like movies, music has lost much of its value. Now, that doesn't mean we can't enjoy making it and listening to what is out there, but making money off of it or whatever is pretty much out for the most part. There are like 10 million shitty "songs" for each good one now as there is no filter and "everyone" is a composer. There is actually something like overabundance, even if that is not a word and I would argue that is where we are at. There is just too much content. Anyway, there is enough great music already created to last many lifetimes so I feel rather good about it. People just don't consume music the same way anymore, I have lived through that change. I rarely see people even making it through ONE song now, before going to the next or switch to cats on youtube or facebook. Hell, even at concerts they are looking through their "%#&¤%# phones! Imagine sitting through listening to an entire album like we used to ... lol ... what a foregin concept !
  5. A score can mean many different things based on what they are actually asking for. In many cases people use score/lead sheet interchangeably, meaning they only want the tempo, harmony and melody. Think of Real Book for example. https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/c/c0/Myfunnyvalentine.jpg/330px-Myfunnyvalentine.jpg In this case if its a theatre and they plan to play your music with the act, I would assume they want the scores for all the intrsuments, if they want to play it as you wrote it on the CD that is? In that case it would mean writing out the melody, tempo and key for all the instruments with rests and other articulation info like creasendos etc. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sheet_music#/media/File:Der_100._Psalm_Max_Reger.jpg Cakewalk is really not good at producing a leadsheet or a full score imo. Unless everything is steprecorded the notes will 100% be wrong and impossible to recreate by a musician. At least that is my experience. (which i why I always beg for a new staff implementation ) I would ask them about their expectations to avoid unnecessary work
  6. All you need to do is put together some parts, more like lego than "building" anything. Anyone can do that as long as you get the right parts, and to be honest there are not THAT many variations. That said, I doubt there are huge gains doing it yourself compared to those providing it as a service so if you like that extra safety and experience it might be a good choice. Personally I like to do it myself simply because I have many times and know how I guess, I see no upside in outsourcing that part. Your requirements might need something different with 100 tracks and 200 plugins No idea if my 8700k could handle that, I never write music with 100 tracks and I dont even OWN 200 plugins let alone put them in one project. lol We can always wait for the latest and greatest parts that might be around the corner, and in the process not get any music done. Buying good quality parts in the upper range of spec today will serve you well ... pretty much.
  7. Can you guys enlighten be a bit on RIG profiles and IR's ? IR's seems to me to be things you can buy from otherplaces ? What are some you guys recommend in terms of quality, where to look I mean? I realize it depends on type etc but I would think there are some that delivers good quality in general? I will read up on it abit now and educate myself on it ... but would appreciate any input on the above.
  8. Oh is that right? I have mine on High ( I believe ) but my guitar is all single coil. Maybe that is why many presets are way too "hot", will have to try that.
  9. thanks for the input. I think I will stick with TH3 Full for the time being then.
  10. What are your thoughts on TH3 full? Are you happy with that one? I use that and it is very usable for my needs but when I saw there was an update, well, you know how it goes I tend not to buy things I dont need though, and reading your post and others in here, it does not seem to be that much of an incentive to go to TH-U at this point.
  11. Read this post form the old board Michael. Makes me crazy to realize we could have had the Overture quality for staff in Cakewalk, and Gibson turned it down! http://forum.cakewalk.com/Message-from-Don-Williams-Overture-5-Updated-m3699129.aspx
  12. Sorry to hear mate. I cant begin to imagine what you are feeling. I am dreading my parents passing too as they are getting up there in age. Seems your dad lived a full life and did more than others can only dream of. Hang in there!
  13. I am a dino just like you as I really like to work in staff, or more correctly I would like to do it. I am hopeful something will come of the discussion of incorperating Overture in Cakewalk.
  14. Haven't tried it but I always think about what any new gadget might bring before buying and in this case I already have eveything this thing provides. (I think?) Would it solve lots of problems for you, or add new features you dont already have ? If you need to be mega portable I could see a usecase, but I already have a 88 key masterkeyboard, midi controller, computer keyboard etc I dont see a need for it for me personally. Everyones needs are different though so for someone else it might be a perfect fit. For a laptop user this could be great. Let us know what you think if you do buy it.
  15. unfortunately that was kind of my feeling as well. Hits are rather hard to use as anything other than effects, not much else imo. But hey, I am not going to be one of those people complaining about free stuff But yea ... so far not for me but I am ever the optimist so maybe the next one will be totally awesome!
  16. I agree with the general point made in this post. There was always a surprising ( to me ) lack of videos on Cakewalk considering the age of it and supposed userbase. Since Bandlab took over I can clearly see the increase in videos online. If that is because its "new" or some onther reason I dont know. But I believe there is a difference at least and that is positive.
  17. Been following Ricks channel for a long time now and it is one of my favorites. He really knows his stuff and has crazy connections and knows everyone it seems.
  18. 128th notes? What crazy music are you dealing with ? Just kidding. As for Staff in general, I think it is in need of a rather major overhaul in order to make a substantial difference. I do not thin they will do much in terms of smaller changes. Maybe I am wrong but it feels like an all or nothing kind of a thing. Either they decide to really make a do over with Staff, or keep it as is. I might be wy off though
  19. I was never overly worried because I was fine with the thought of using Platinum offline until it simply wouldn't work, which I judged to have been many years. I am glad to not having to do that though. Never bothered with another DAW either as I have all I need in Cakewalk and the bandland version have been great so far. To echo someone earlier in the thread ... if it aint broke ...
  20. That is great! What you want is instruments with some soul to them. Your friend took good care of it My 83 MIJ Squire plays as good as any guitar and I like the fact it has some years on it, and a very personal history for me. Never getting rid of that.
  21. Yup, the signature blocking feature works fine too it seems
  22. Post count and length of usage is irrelevant information to me. If you ask a question and someone answers the question with a solution, how are those things relevant at all? People can suck at the product and post like crazy ( maybe that IS why they post so much to begin with? ) or use the system for years without learning more than someone else does in a month. All you need to judge someones input, is the actual input they give. Nothing more is needed. However, if people feel that kind of info is important a much better way is to use a ticker like "that answered my question" or something similair to that which build up over time and you can see clearly who answers/solves the most issues, kind of like the choices already in place with the like, thanks etc.
  23. Will check that one out for sure when released. Keep us updated
  24. Glad that fixed it, but what a weird fix! But hey, as is the case with computers so often its best to just be thankful for it working I guess. For what its worth I thought it sounded kind of groovy with that triplet thing going on.
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