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  1. I am getting strong Mark Knopfler vibes from this song, both the overall feel and the singing. I liked it, well done!
  2. Tobias

    My devices/interface

    Focusrite Scarlet 2i2 and x-touch mini setup with azslow3 settings, which I love. That is all I need. If I can't create with this its my fault and not lack of gear
  3. Truly a giant in music. Sad times indeed, he seemed so healthy and played as great as ever just recently, watched his "classes" during covid. Must have been a quick process in the end. He created enough music for us to enjoy for a long time though. Thanks for the ride Chick! I heard Keith Jarret suffered a stroke a while back, might be the next one to go Growing old just sucks.
  4. Always missed the notation capabilities from other software in cakewalk. Yes, I realize notation/daw might be different things but still ...
  5. It is rock solid for me, can't even remember the last time anything crashed and/or hanged etc. I guess there are many variables that come into play with any software such as other programs installed, the hardware, plugins etc. Anyway, sorry t o hear you are having so many issues and I am glad I see none of them ( know on wood )
  6. You make valid points, I was only half serious with my post. Of course, if the setup used is causing any kinds of latency issues an upgrade is most definitely warranted. I never used AMD but it is a good thing they apparently are catching up, more competition is usually a good thing for us end users. 👍
  7. That is fair, but I find that for some reason increases in clock speed of my CPU does not hold a linear relationship to the quality of the music I am able to write Faster is good, but faster is often not needed. There is a happy medium between totally obsolete and brand spanking new hot off the presses at AMD and Intel.
  8. I would say don't upgrade unless you are having any issues I love the fact you are having such a great result from your upgrade and its comforting to know that tech is improving so if/when there is a need for an upgrade there are actually good ones out there and that are worth while. That said, I think the vast majority of users do very well with Cakewalk ( and other DAW's I am sure ) on very modest setups. Most computers these days are very powerful, even the "weaker" and older ones. In the words of Spiderman ""With great power comes great responsibility", given too much power there is the risk that developers get sloppy/lazy and write code that is not optimized or efficient requiring ever more resources.
  9. Oh ok then I don't know unfortunately 😔
  10. I assume you just change the ticks in the CALS (or add new ones with the note lengths you want/need) you were provided to match whatever "distance" you want. If you live in a 4/4 universe a quarter note (beat) would be 960 ticks and a whole note (measure) would be 3840. You can modify that to anything based on number of ticks and how they correspond to the different note values you need.
  11. At their website presumably? Or are you asking for a pirated version? As far as I know they have no free version, but you can try the demo.
  12. You make valid points, but I feel I must point out that you are dead wrong about spinach. Spinach is objectively horrible!
  13. Spend that money on something else. I am sure version 4 is more than good enough to create great music with. New versions and features all the time tends to get more focus that doing the actual thing the software is intended for in the first place, creating music. From what I have heard version 4 is liked by lots of people so I am sure you are sitting pretty with that one for years to come. Buy a beer or two instead and get inspired to create with what you have
  14. You are correct, there are ways around this and I do use them. Like you said you can enter them and the ability to spilt a quarternote into 920 or so ticks ( don't have it infront of me know ) means you can enter pretty much what you want and have it sound right. It just makes the editing harder than it otherwise would be and obviously less intuitive since the notation is wrong for someone who likes to work with notation. Its probably old code like you say and might be a "if it aint broke" kind of a thing. I will experiment a bit with importing those things into other software and see if I get them to display correctly there like you say. And to be clear, I too will take those imperfections any day of the week, I am not going anywhere anytime soon. Been using CW forever so its not a dealbreaker its just something on my wish list First daw-like software I used was back in 92-93 or something and it was called musicator, and it handled any kind of notation, whatever tuplets or polyrythms you could think of. maybe that set my expectations for later in life
  15. Fair point, but there are some simple (maybe?) tweaks only that I am really asking for, not the full on Finale/Sibelius feature set. To me at this point, the staff implantation is a bit like having a word processor that does not contain all the letters of the alphabet, like 5-6 are missing for some reason. The musical alphabet contains different note values that can be displayed visually, and it does in CW but only to a point. I guess I dont understand the cutoff point of what is include and what is not. whole notes up to 32nd notes and triplets is included in staff. There are no other tuplets like quintuplets of sixtuplets or polys etc, which I guess is as easy/or hard to process as an eight note for a computer as they are just different number of "ticks". You can step record these things using ticks and tuplets but they are not able to be displayed correctly which makes editing hard(er). A 16th note quintuplet for example ends up being a group of 4 16th notes with an extra 16th mashed in between. My question here is if it harder to display those than triplets or eights, or is it just that CW decided to stop where they did for some reason? I am ignorant about how difficult and/or time consuming it would be to expand the visual vocabulary a bit to be more complete. Could be it is a real pain.
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