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  1. Yes I just found the solution and went to write it here for everyone to see and I see your comment yes it was kinda the solution 1, but it was actually in Enchancements tab and I had to enable the "disable all enchancements" option. I also left Dolby FX on as it didn't change much. And that fixed it, THANKS TO ALL! PS: I don't know which answer to accept as a solution because all of them were really helpful and technically mine solves the problem Also I removed my vote ups on your answers because it messed with the order so it would be potentially confusing for future readers.
  2. So I tried mp3, for some reason it didn't want to export using clips as source category so I used hardware outputs instead. I soloed the bounced tracks and put it's output directly to hardware output. The errors were the same as before on my PC BUT IT SOUNDS CORRECT ON MY PHONE!!!!!!!! so the error is surely on playback and you were right all along, it's windows fault (because the error persists everywhere no matter where I play it back audacity chrome vlc etc...) You were right all along mettelus: Now the question is how do I turn this off on my computer? Is it on by default or meaby I did something stupid somewhere in settings some time ago? I hope it's not on by default because it would be impossible to make music that sounds correct everywhere. PS: I hope I didn't kill this thread by going silent for 2 days and someone will respond
  3. I can't find the "playback device" in the dropdown menu it shows. I only have volume mixer, audio settings, surround ( off ), sounds, resolve audio problems PS: I'm using window 10
  4. I did it, and it sounds exactly the same as before, that is the error persists .
  5. So I've downloaded an mp3 from here: http://download.publicradio.org/podcast/minnesota/classical/programs/free-downloads/2016/08/19/daily_download_20160819_128.mp3 imported it into Cakewalk and exported to wav in 16 bit 44100 sample rate no dither, and it sounds the same, I even turned up the volume to listen closer but it seems to work fine ( meaby is not so pronounced with classical music but I think there is simply something wrong with my project ) I will try the rest of you rsuggestions now...
  6. Just to inform you, I'll go silent for about 2 days because I have an exam at school. I'll get back to this during the weekend
  7. I've downloaded it on my phone and it's just noise, that's weird because I exported it in standard settings 16 bit depth, 44100 sample rate, no dithering. Why is it? It at least plays in VLC and others on my computer.
  8. Thanks for your replies. I checked the spatial sound and it's turned off but you said that some programs can turn it on internally?Also instead of turning these default DSP effects off (because everyone has them on), how would I apply these to cakewalk so I can hear what I'll export? Secondly Base 57 thanks for your encouragement 1. by cakewalk browser do you mean the bandlab sample browser? 2. I believe I did it already (I don't have access to my computer right now, I'm writing on my phone) Also just to check my sanity, when you export your music it sounds exactly the same as in the DAW when played in vlc or windows media player right?
  9. Yeah it sounds kinda like this but also with reverb. but why would vlc and groobe music and audacity apply an equalizer or filter to the music? or is it applied when exporting? Also my kick that is much lower doesn't get changed a lot.
  10. Thanks for your response Kurre, I don't know what sound device does vlc use but I have only one that is *real* anyways in my laptop (meaby windows emulates one), but they certainly both use my headphones. EDIT: I think they both use "Speakers (Realtek high definition audio)"
  11. Hi Base 57! Thank you for your reply, I will go through what I've done: 1. Yes it's silent when I mute master. 2. I adjusted it so it never goes above -3 3. I've done it, I now got a new track. 4. I soloed it so no sounds come from other tracks, and I routed it's output to my "Speakers (Realtek High Definition Audio)" directly, It sounds exactly the same I skipped the fading out and in, the volume adjustement and bouncing it back to itself. I don't know how to bounce the track to itself. By "normalize the volume" do you mean compression? 5. I've selected it renamed the track to "Output", then did exactly what you said ( I tried without enetering a filaname then I tried enterng it too ) And nothing happened and the file wasn't exported. I tried restarting cakewalk. Still nothing. However going inside the audio directory of my project I found "Master (Bounced, 9)" (the same as the clip name) I played it and it still sounds different than my original mix, why? I've noticed that it sounds different only outside the DAW, when you import it as audio it sounds the same as original. Once the export happens and you get the file it for some reason always sounds different than original and always in a same way. I'm getting kinda depressed to be honest...
  12. I don't know if I'm accurate with my prediction but I think the audio from Cakewalk is being modified before being fed to the speakers. What do I base this theory on? Well when I export my audio it sounds different when played back in VLC or similar software (more on that here: ) But once I load it back inside the DAW and play it, it sounds like the original project! at first I thought that the problem lies in the export but now my theory is: ( I will use the term "weird compression" to signify the potential DAW internal audio "routing" bug ) [my routing is correct, all buses going to master, and master to audio interface] - my original project audio played inside the DAW is going through some weird compression or something thus it sounds different than in reality. - when I export it, the DAW exports it without the weird compression so I hear the real audio when I play back the exported version. - once I import back the exported audio inside the DAW it once again applies the weird compression thus audio sounds the same as the original project but it's not the real audio That's just my speculation, meaby the problem is somewhere else. If you know what it might be please tell me but if I'm somehow right, how do I fix it? EDIT: Use sort by date if you want to understand the whole conversation
  13. UPDATE: I looked around in the bus FX, and I found a compressor that I don't hear normally when I'm playing it in the DAW but that was for some reason showing itself in exports, turning it off, it certainly sounds closer to the original but still sounds weird
  14. Thank you for reply, so when I try to export it to 16 bit depth with stereo and using the master bus as an output it somewhat amplifies everything and turns all my (kinda low) hi-hats to clicks, and my kicks to snares guitar sounds muffled and the rest is just weird. when I use anything higher than 24 bit depth (sub format) its just pure harsh noise. Also could you explain what the sub format is ( the one that appears after the main export menu and why there are two) I'm talking about the sub-format in this instance. the one in the main export menu doesn't change anything. For the second part of your post, I don't have an audio interface, I'm using just my headphones. I don't see how this would change anything but meaby I just don't know how these work. Also if there is some error in the routing, then passing audio back through again shouldn't necessarily fix it as you are saying when I'm loading my file back in the DAW to listen to it. Now what you are suggesting if I understand correctly is that my audio that I hear in the DAW (that I play back from the file) is not sounding like in reality (due to the routing), but wouldn't that also change the sound of all my samples that btw sound just like they sound in the demos online. Meaby I didn't understand you fully there, in this case could you please reformulate. If I did however please submit your other ideas for the solution. Thanks again for the reply. EDIT: reading it back this stuff makes no sense to me. Could you please reformulate and tell me clearly (because I'm a dummy) what I have to do and check for?
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