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  1. NKS is a protocol which Native Instruments use to allow their software and hardware to communicate with each other. This allows for the ability to search libraries, audition sounds, start, stop and record all from the hardware rather than mess around with a mouse in the software and DAW. So much easier to use.
  2. After using Sonar since X1 through to the Cakewalk version I have halfheartedly moved to Studio One for composing for the sake of full integration with NI products, as I've invested heavily in both their hardware and software. It's not ideal as I prefer Cakewalks workflow and still use it for work that S1 is less good at. I think Presonus were loath to include NKS support as they have their own hardware to sell. Their site had an incredible amount of requests for it going back years and NI had done their share of the work. Full integration with CbB would be a dream come true, even if I had to pay for it as an extra.
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